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Mar 11, 2004
Los Angeles, CA
anyone play at 1on1casino?
doesn't look like too many people on this forum play there because it's known as the place for "high rollers"
and a search doesn't return much

review sites tend to give favorable ratings for 1on1 .. but... i want to hear some real experiences
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Hmm, was that directed towards me? ;-)

I believe this is a cryptologic casino? If its the one I was thinking of, then my experience there was ok. I don't see any difference between any of the cryptologics other than the size of the bonus. And for that, intercasino has the highest.
i meant to say...
looks like a lot of people avoid because it advertises itself as the "high roller" casino
but looks like the minimum bets are not all high.. just the max. bets are very high

i was more curious than anything else... to what the casino was like
but if people have had favorable experience there, i might as well try it

to maintain membership.. you have to wager at least $25,000/month
well.. that might sound like a lot... but i've wagered $85,000+ in the month of february and have wagered $40,000+ so far in the month of march... so i don't think it's going to be a problem for me to meet that requirement

let me know if anyone's played there.
I used to play there before they went "High Hat" on me. By invite only now. And i'm not on invite list.
i filled out their questionnaire
and then got an email "invite"

i didn't think i'd qualify as a high roller based on the questions they asked me...
so i don't think their standards are that high
Just a quick note targeting high rollers:I have been in contact with crockfords casino and I've been told that they have extraordinary table limits.Upon request it can goes up to 50,000 a hand at BJ table omg :eek2:

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