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Nov 29, 2017
I would like to inform, warn or highlight a few things about omnislots, as my experience is a 3 out of 10 in general. I've never seen such a bad and generally, 85% losing casino out there. At first i would like to say that my experience in casino's both landbased and online is pretty much years. And i know by now that over a ton of deposits omnislots is qualified a a very terrible, overall casino.

Their game offerings and the advantage for players resident in Portugal is the only plus actually. I was a VIP and i made a steady amount of deposits running over 15 to 25k over the last summer untill now. I consider gambling as a sport and my goal is to win, obviously, as many players in here proberly do as well. I am fully aware that any session is no guarantee to win and it takes patience overall.

Well the patience was alot of deposits, alof of (waste) time spend, a combination of several games, a different approach to playing in general, at the end of today, i came to the conclusion that alot of people really should stay away from this casino. I'll try to explain myself in a few notes down here.

- Signup, registration, all that stuff, is obviously no problem. Deposits are no problem either. This is no different then any other casino out there. The only advantage on what me signup to omnislots was players from Portugal and the offering of various slots.

- Once your in, and have your account verified (as this is the first thing i do before play), you will recieve offerings on either 2 to 4 times basis. These offerings vary from Deposit now and get X spins on game Y, deposit now and get 30% bonus on next deposit, blabla, the usual deal. Sometimes they do offer free games which depends if your VIP or a regular player. All bonus games come with a 1 to 10 cent bet on avg. There is a line in between where you could win up to 250 euro.

- I've done countless of bonusses but i never exceeded anything greater then 25 euro. They remove autoplay from those bonusses as well. In my opinion is to get you simply 'hooked' to the game. At some point i was assigned a VIP manager, because obviously, i'm a player that as good as exceeds any average player, it was a question of time before i got assigned to one.

- As a vip you have a personal contact, who you can ask all sorts of things, and once in a time drops you something into your account. If you have a loss session they are eager to drop you something into your account with ofcourse, a 35x wagering requirement. The 35x seems to be a casino standard but i never understood why the 35x wagering is added in the first place. Does a landbased casino ever offer a wagering in general? Not that i know.

A few times i've noted that once a loss session was done, and i've got a bonus amount, the wins would be 'endless', meaning nothing could go wrong. I could play 10 euro bet on barely a 150 euro bonus and there where a few instances that litterally bonus games and blazing wins would start flying around your ears. Because your stuck to the wagering requirement of 35x its kind of difficult to stop at some point and withdrawl. So you have to continue if your looking for a payday.

Here comes the kind of thing that always bothered me alot. Once you exceed a certain number, nothing works, whatever you do. It's like your being triggered into exactly depositting more, more more over the long course, and have you hooked as much as possible. I understand that depositting and wagering is a part of the game, but the way your sucked into this is almost unfair to me as a player.

I never experienced, dropping a 100 for example, and have that one luck where you'd win for example 300, and simply call it a day. I know 3 casino's including landbased, where this luck is just very random and 'normal'. It just does'nt happen at omnislots. I think it's more of a pay for entertainment and thank you for your money, without really getting ahead at all.

I'm kind of done with gambling lately anways, sometimes i hit one up just for fun at one particular casino because i have much better experience with them anyway. The avg winning for me is just greater at their place then Omnislots in general. Again, this is no rant against the casino, but losing on 85% of all my sessions should throw a few warning signs here and there for players in general. I cant help it and i feel like writing my review on my personal experience.

Casino's who offer entertainment with no real chances of 'winning' should be removed from the industry. We all like a gamble. Then make it a gamble with real information on RTP, TRTP, no hidden things, straight payment without options to cancel withdrawl, of even being verified having the notice to verify your account.

Players should stick to casino's who dont offer these crazy emailings (2 to 4 times a day, and esp around chistmass or salary days) where their marketing team is just trying to be very clever and chase vulnerable players down. It should be noted that nobody ever bothered writing me a message the day i depositted 3500 euro. Their prevent problem gamblers is a joke anyway. I am not saying i have a personal issue, but something i noted on which they actually not even bothered.

I closed my account for good reasons at
It seems what you are upset about is the RTP - which the casino has no control over. The title could read any casino name, not just Omnislots. There is an adage that I am sure you are aware of "the house always wins", in this case I am guessing it has.
Sorry to join, but I was about to say that I never had issues with them.
I rarely play with bonuses though, but there was an era when I joined them for Amatic games as not many MGA licensed casinos had Amatic back in that day. Read: 3 years ago, where not many casinos had Amatic at all.

Deposit > gameplay and a potential withdrawal, always without a problem.

RTP, yes that was a problem. But its Amatic that I was playing, its high volatile and RTP is not on a 98% "net ent" level. So I had nothing to complain about, gave lots of deposits and just one withdrawal.

Its a long story mate, but what I read sounds like: bad luck. Nothing related to poor services or so? You are even a VIP with more perks as a regular player.
If you are not enjoying the games, I can only recommend to stop for some time. Not at Omni, but in general.

This is my feedback as a player, not as a rep.

Kr. Jan

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