omni no longer taking canadian players?


i just tried to log on to Omni casino and it said they no longer accept bets from people is my it just me or is this a new thing I missed?


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Huh, I was just able to log in fine from Alberta. Send a PM to Elliott and see what's up.

EDIT: Just got on live chat and they said Canadians are ok, so definitely contact support. Chat support said they'd have management look into it also.

OC Elliott

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Hi Marcsudbury,

Thanks for posting. There was a software update yesterday which created a few minor issues all of which were ironed out straight away.

Please feel free to log back in to Omni Casino whenever you like.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Warm Regards,

OC Elliott


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Canadian can Play at Omni

Not only can you play there, but I'm Canadian And just cashed out $500 on Xmas day and it was already credited to my card by the 28th Dec.
So yes, play. I recommend them, especially their Saturday special. %150:thumbsup:

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