Omni Casino - get your act togther!


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Dec 24, 2005

My partner (g/f) signed up to Omni Casino last weekend, she used the link found in the accredited casino list here at CM's.

Since this time she's had nothing but dramas with this casino.

1/ The bonus code for the signup bonus would be accepted by the system. (Eventually after 4 days & having to contact the rep here that got credited).

2/ Emails either don't get answered or they take 24+ hours to respond.

3/Left waiting on chat for 10min with no response (not even a please wait). Totally unacceptable.

The latest issue pertains to Loyalty peak points.

These must be submitted on Thursdays before 1:00pm.

After a big session early Wednesday Robyn checked her Peak Points late Wednesday evening, they'd still not be reflected to her account.

At 11:50am USA EST (12/21/2006) she logged in and she had 20,000 point, she then submitted this to be credited to her account. As stated on site these are credited to account between 1:00pm - 1:15pm every Thursday.

It's now 5:41am USA EST (12/22/2006) and still these points have not been added.

As of now two emails have been sent requesting why these points have not be added to the account...and still no replies have been received.

This is just one example of how a player has been treated, I certainly hope this is not the status quo of business as usual with Omni Casino. If it is, then maybe a review of its current practices needs to be conducted, because, imo it doesn't deserve to be list on the accredited casino list.

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