Old Port Casino- 200% bonus. Anybody heard of it?


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Aug 13, 2003
I just checked out a portal which said a new casino, Old Port Casino, was offering a $25-$100 200% match bonus! It has RTG software and is verified by Safebet, which is a bogus watchdog site. A couple of years ago (before I was better educated about online gaming) I played at A RTG casino verified by Safebet and had no problems with payout (I know I may have been lucky in this regard). Does anyone know anything about this casino? Is a casino who uses Safebet, or for that matter RTG software, automatically corrupt or unrelieable? Is Old Port Casino part of a shady group? Just thought I'd bounce it off the knowledgable community here before depositing.
I wouldn't say that playing at an RTG powered casino is automatically corrupt, but I feel a great many of their operators have issues with "truth" in advertising.

Safebet is bogus. Any RTG casino that uses Safebet as an indicator that their customer service is up to par, or that Safebet will represent the player in case of player disputes should be reprimanded. That's BS.

Most RTG casinos are "lisenced" in Costa Rica. If the casino in question states "we have been granted a license by the Gaming commission of the government of Costa Rica" (Cirrus Casino). Then run, don't walk away. This is a deceptive lie. There is no such animal. Costa Rica only offers business licenses, not gaming licenses. The business licenses that balloon twisting clowns have in the city park are worth just as much. They are legit, but they are not gaming licenses.

RTG? It's a matter of buyer beware. If there is any dispute with the casino, you are at the whim of the management.
I got the same ad, but its not an RTG casino. If it is, then they've changed the video poker and slots games. It looked more boss media-ish to me, but its missing their classic progressive slots.
It's really strange, because the site copy mentions Safebet, too which is normally an indicator. We have courteously asked them on two occasions to clear up this software question...they don't reply.
That's what I was thinking too jet, but it doesn't have the typical RTG suite. RTG lite perhaps?

I agree with markmark though, red flag.
I haven't been able to access safebet.org for a couple of days from my computer. I don't feel safe at all.

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I just made a $50 deposit in Old Port.
I'm waiting for my $100 bonus.
I figured I'd give it a shot.
Low risk.
I'll let you know what happens after I play.

BELOW is what i found out.
Also the game runs slowly, too many pushes (especially when I had Blackjack) :mad: and I was as high as $180 then took me down to below $50. :confused: I got lucky and cashed in $120.00. :D :D
All in all it really wasn't a bad experience.
I wish the game would move a bit faster though.

You are now chatting with 'Thomas'
Thomas: Welcome to our live chat service.
you: Hi again....I just want you to know that I enjoyed playing in your NEW casino
you: can you tell me whose software you use?
Thomas: Our software is proprietary. :confused:
Thomas: It's good to hear that you enjoy our games :)
you: ok....thank you very much
you: bye

Thats the best i can do.
I've just tried Safebet in .org, .com and .net form as well - the site is definitely down. Maybe RTG have at last recognized that this BS site is fooling noone these days.

Lanidar, thanks for asking about the Old Port software - that "our software is proprietary" is a pretty standard red herring with a lot of these casinos, but it was worth a try. I tried a third email to Old Port trying to get the truth on their s/ware - still no response from them which as Mark says raises a red flag. If they won't communicate or are ashamed of their software there could be other hassles.
Jetset, they have taken down safebet for months, I was in the office building they were/are located today, I should have asked the secretary if they are still there. All they had was an office suite that they shared with many others who all share a lobby and reception area. Low rent $400 ish place where they get one room in suburban Atlanta not far from RTG's headquarters. Ask casinomeister about their domain, I hear there was an issue. He posted it to me in another thread.

BUT<,<,<,<,Old port is NOW part of the OLD Riviera Gold Group :evil:

I really don't know what to make of the ease that this payment was made without any problems :crazy:

BUT, once again I have been paid back to my Neteller acct. :proud:
Not bad, only 2 weeks for a neteller withdrawl. At least you got it though! Glad to hear that.
I played in Goldennile Casino, though I knew I'd be taking a chance on getting paid and being a bonus abuser, and was paid in 11 days. :crazy:
Deposited $50 and cashed in $233. :cheers:

The CS was helpful and courteous. :)

I played larger hands than the normal $5.00...MOSTLY $10.00...and I MORE than met the wager requirements.

I am confused to why everything went so well ...



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