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Jun 9, 2005
Does anyone know what has happend to casino bellissimo, Merlins Casino and all the casinos that used the old playtech software?? When I try to enter the homepage I enter Golden Palace Casino?? The casinos owe me some money but I do not know where to complain to..?? I talk to Golden Palace and playtech but they could not help me..
I'm not familiar with the "old" playtech software you mention, but casino bellissimo and merlins casino have both gone belly up and their domains were purchased by Golden Palace and 888Casino, respectively. Maybe Bryan can give you some advise about tracking down someone from merlins and bellissimo, but otherwise any monies you left in your accounts are gone with the wind.

They were casinos run by goldenpalace, and it was not playtech software that they used, but aquagaming software.

Merlinsmagic casino Updated the software to playtech, and still being run by the people of goldenpalace. All the other casinos goldenpalace run with aquagaming software were either upgraded to playtech or closed.

All my information may not be 100% correct, but just trying to help.

OK thanks for the advice. I just thought its was playtech because it was power by playtech?? Mabye I can complain to
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I did not know that they were closing I have never read or got an email from them about it!! Bad service. What do You think I have to do Bryan or others??

I think that casinobellissimo is closed OR the account has been transferred to goldenpalace somehow. www.merlinsmagiccasino.com is still open and its playtech. If you still have the aqua (cytech) software of casinobellissimo in your computer you might be able to login to it.
You might try complaining about your situation to goldenpalace directly too.

To bruce, No and No.

And to mheimbergs question, i think they were all connected to goldenpalace. (sister sites). And yes all their websites now connect to goldenpalace.com.
If you are unable to login to those casino software where you still had money contact goldenpalace first about it.

They are definatly part of GP casino. I remember phoning them for the bonuses, and they had the same support (I know that's not definate) Also when cashing out they said i can send in ID once for all accounts. Also the emails were sent from "casino"@goldenpalace.com

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