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Jul 31, 2007
san diego
Okay, here is the deal. I have been going to a few casinos lately on line..I decided to stop doing it, as I was losing more than I was winning...although the last one I ventured in to, was really pretty good. I had won there more than anywhere, and they are extremely genorous with their bingobucks...well, here is my beef...the support was wonderful, but i found an odd point of sale on my bank statement. my last known deposit to them, was on the 26th of july..my pos said, it was done on july 30...i asked them to explain if i did this, or if they mistakenly took it out of my account. I did this on Aug. 2, and now I am being told the 'person in charge' won't be in until Aug. 27...could I have made that deposit and it went thru late? Or am I getting a run around. I don't want to name names yet, because other than the run around from the accounting dept, they were a very good site...Maybe a little insite, as I am not that big of a casino goer..thanks:notworthy
I know there's quite a few places offline that will do "batch" processing. In other words, the debit may not hit your card until a few days later. All they will do at the time of the purchase is pre-authorize the amount to make sure the funds are there.

It's mostly small outfits that do this, so they don't get hit with higher charges by processing cards 1 by 1.

Did you check your previous bank statements to see if deposits have usually posted the same day?
Actually, I did check my account...the last day I was able to buy anything, was on the 26th of july...and there are five days in between..then all of a sudden, another debit for 25.20....they told me themselves, that the last day that they had that month, was the 26th..so now, after almost a month, they have yet to address this problem..I am getting a run around, I think and they are a pretty big site...oh well, we will see..thanks a lot!
well it has been almost a month..they don't even respond to me...they got angry that I dared ask them I guess...what about this so called 'investigator' they gave this case too...please, what a crock...:mad:

Hi Paltinumz,

Some gaming companies put through transactions via service providers like cyberboss or trustmarque and then through their banking system such as Natwest Streamline etc. What happens is that even though your tranasction went through on a particular day it wont appear on the merchant (gaming co.) banking tranasction report for a few days afterwards (especially in the case of Streamline).

What you need to do is contact the finance dept of whichever company and get them to ask the bank to break down the individual batches into individual i.ds - they should then be able to reconcile your payment and credit your cash etc.

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It has happen to me too at Bodog.
The charges appear few days later on my credit card statement.
well, that is a sneaky way to take money out of your account, i think,..bodog is good for that, they took out fifty dollars from me one time, a week later, and denied it later..that is why it is paramount to keep your reciepts..and the place i went to,..still cannot account for the one that went out of my account on the 31st....i will try to contact the company that did the transactions , thanks, good advice...thanks to all
Bingo! They gave me my money...

Well, after all was said and done, I sent a complaint to this site..and I don't know if it had anything to do with it or not,but finally, after a month of nonsense, I think they got it figured out...and gave me 25.00 back...so, I say, if the casinomeister did this, hooray..but if not, they did do the right thing. thanks all who tried to help.:thumbsup:

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