Ojo and simba not giving my deposits back


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Hi I'm a new to this so here goes any help would be greatly appreciated I signed up at Simba casinos and ojo casinos not knowing they are sister sites I self excluded from simba on the 26/03/2017 and I had ojo account closed due to them saying I had another acount but ojo will not tell me when they closed my account only the day I self excluded from Simba I have asked them to refund my deposits from both simva and ojo and they say im not entitled itled to any back as I deposited in ojo on the 24/03/2017 and self excluded from simba on 26/03/2017 they won't tell me when they closed my ojo account I deposited £500 in ojo and £400 in simba how do I stand as I feel they are currupt in a way


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From what i read your deposits at both casinos were before you self excluded 2 days ago so not sure why you feel you are entitled to your deposits back.


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And OP no mention as to whether you used the deposited funds or not?

So if you have used the funds, how on earth do you think it is right for you to get the funds back? If you got locked out in the second sister site casino as soon as u deposited, and your funds are still intact then they should give u the funds back. Unless they are rouge and then it will be more difficult to get them back.

But what i do not understand is why on earth you would deposit and self exclude, And furthermore, if you deposited and didn't use funds then self excluded in the first casino, that is just mind boggling to me???

And if you also tried doing a chargeback, then that is also a reason casinos then block accounts.


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Hi I self excluded from simba as I lost to much ojo was still open wen I self excluded from simba but they won't tell me what day they closed my ojo account but it was still up and running around the 28/03/2017 my last deposit with ojo was the 24/3/2017 I didn't no these sites were connected

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