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Mar 31, 2005
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Just had to use the wayback machine on my oldest site. Crikey! Whilst design wise it is not the best now, it is leaps and bounds better now than what it was when I started out in 2004. It was in short an experience 'virtually', akin to Car Crash TV. It was my 'Kenny I need a Zantac!' moment going through the old pages and layouts.

Anyone else feel the same, or do you actually feel proud of your very first efforts?
I suppose it's similar to when I saw the loft cleared at my Dad's years back - had exercise books from when I was about 7 and trying joined-up writing at school. Had to really look and let it sink it that this was actually ME that had done this! Odd feeling.:thumbsup:
I have no idea what you mean - my site was totally brilliant from day 1! :cool:
I didn't even know what HTML or SEO was (I think YOU explained that to me, Dave) - all I knew was how to upload a Microsoft Word document to the World Wide Web.
And 9 years later... nothing has changed - I'm still thick, but my site is still fantastic! :p

Here's what Blitz21.com looked like in 2000. This was when Casinomeister (and a couple of other sites) were semi-hobbies:
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I designed the image in Fireworks. I thought the mouse-over effect was pretty awesome - and I admired its simplicity.

I had just moved to Germany - ended up unemployed, and you know what they say about necessity: the mother of invention. :D
LOL - and my retro TV. I thought this was pretty cool as well.
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That's not too bad. I recall naively thinking my first site was going to be like a wiki to gambling. It was later changed drastically in order to make some money, haha.
Oddly enough though, my best performing pages to this day are ones that look like they came from the 1990's LOL.

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