Dormant account
Jul 5, 2011
I logged into before starting to play I do not care who they were checking licenses and whether they were credible. By entering the site seemed fine to me but to my surprise I found the defense mechanisms of play out of control, such as limits on deposit and or self-exclusion. I contacted the customer service and indicated that he wanted a limit on my account weekly deposit of 250 euros, beware as the service sent me an email stating that I was not able to set a limit deposits, all sites that have a license issued by entities have credible mechanisms responsible gaming. When I started the site deposit losses began to lose control over and how I ended up in deposits a day to lose € 750 all at once because the site did not allow me to manage responsibly. Dissatisfied I contacted the casino and asked for account closure as a compulsive gambler could not be playing on a site where I can not have mechanisms of defense, calls reeembolso values ​​lost because the site does not posssuir good e-commerce practices in the area of ​​games. The site ingnorou all my messages is inherent in keeping the account active not responding to my emails. Only the 4 th e-mail that they decided to close the account but only for 90 days and with the statement that was able to reopening after long period, even after giving the indication that I am a compulsive gambler on the refund of my money lost nothing, until I am now waiting for an answer. Could you help me?


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Apr 29, 2004
If your gambling is really compulsive, you shouldn't be playing at all.
Especially if it's based on getting refunds from sites of the money lost.
Responsible gaming is something all licensed sites should apply to but some of them do not. But it goes both ways.
And no, this is not meant to be a negative comment...been there :)

P.S. Go to live chat at Offsidebet and they will close your account immediately based on a gambling problem if you ask them to. And they will do it permanently.
You will still probably have to email them but they will freeze your account until the actual email request has been carried out.