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Apr 30, 2004
Moravia, Costa Rica
Hey all, i've been hosting servers here in Costa Rica for about 3 years now, hosted Nostalgia before they went under ( no fault of mine! ) :) .. so we were "RTG" certified, not that it means much.

The uptime very good ( compared to a couple years ago .. when it was sat not fiber ). Security 24/7 w/ armed guards. Servers located in main government internet building colo room.

Rackspace $200 per U, unlimited reboots. I can have 1U's built and shipped here quite cheap, under $800. Or ship your own.

Manage yourself via ssh .. pcanywhere.. however you like or it can be arranged to be done by me.

A couple of places hosted by me:

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Great for hosting portals, databases.. or full fledged casino as the laws of Costa Rica are quite relaxed.

No spammers please ;)

Can be reached at

dominique said:
Do not buy any server space or anything else from fortyoz.

I did and then he disappeared without delivering anything.

If a forum member is scamming other members, (especially by using the forum to do so), this need to be brought to my attention immediately. Thx!
Well, I dawdled a long time before admitting to myself that I have been scammed. I thought I was too smart for that - goes to show ya, it can happen to all of us.

In any case, everyone be warned.

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