Ode to the Meister


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Inspired by Papa-ya's DOJ poem, I decided to have a go at one myself :)

I call it: ''Ode to the meister''

I’m a gambler through and through,
You know the things I love to do,
Roulette, Blackjack, craps and slots,
But never ever using bots!

I know I should have read the rules.
But wasn’t betting precious jewels.
It’s only $20… what the hell,
I’ll worry if the bets go well.

The problem is I hit a streak.
Won at every turn all week.
Jackpots, randoms, big and small.
I played the games and won them all!

Time to try a small withdrawal,
And that’s when they began to stall,
First the standard docs request
God this process is a pest.

Docs approved! Away we go!
Yet still the process goes on slow?

3 weeks on and still no cash!
Why did I choose to play this trash?
Should I just kiss my dough goodbye,
Or maybe give live chat a try?

It’s not like I’m a bonus whore
If so feel free.. show me the door!
But pay up first you S.O.B,
That’s money that you owe to me!!

Just when I had lost all hope,
My buddy tells me ‘Hey you dope,
The Meisters there to help you out,
With reps and such he has some clout!’

I came on in the Meisters door
Wishing I’d been here before
Page on page of useful tips,
… I’ll just skip past that sarky quip ;)

And hey, what’s this.. a P.A.B?
Now this was made for guys like me!
No ‘rep on board’ so off it went
This guy Max is heaven sent!

Eventually I did get paid!
My day, my week, my YEAR was made.
Thank you Bryan, Thank you Max
Now I know I can relax.

Now I know just where to play,
I hope to win again some day
Until then this is where I’ll stay
Coz MeisterLand is A.O.K!!


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Brilliant stuff!

Thanks for posting :thumbsup: