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Sep 27, 2005
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They quietly tried to send my deposit back to my neteller account after meeting the wagering requirements and cashing out at 2775. no email saying my account was locked, no email explaining why only the deposit was sent back..nothing. until I noticed today that they hadnt paid me yet. I emailed Virtual Exchange, and received this response:

"Unfortunately, your casino account has been blocked by our Risk Management Department, as the information you registered raised security flags when passed through our master database program.

Therefore, the account will remain blocked from any form of activity at this time and your original deposit has been refunded to your NeTeller account."

I would like to know what the point of waiting 24hours to give players the bonus if they're not going to use that time to do their 'Risk Management'.

What do you think they mean by "the information you registered raised flags in our master database program"?

My response to them was as follows:
Ive noticed that youve been doing this to many other players as well as
posted on Winner Online and CasinoMeister. Let me get this straight, you have 24HOURS to give the bonus, and you did, and once I win, then you decided not to pay me and lock my account...use your Common sense here..does that sound to you like a process that makes sense?? Absolutely not. what happens if I had lost my deposit?? Would you still have refunded to my neteller account?? Of course not. I will post on all the boards I can including WOL and CM. After your Forty Plus fiasco, the players that you're stealing from are going to make Odds On pay dearly. I hope you hold on tight to that the $2,500 of my LEGIT winnings because it may be all you have left after this is said and done.


no response since..wtf it just blows my mind, the lack of common sense.

(I posted same txt on WOL)
Since you want an opinion,l can only say that I have had pleasant experiences with English harbour and Silver Dollar,both Odds On casinos. They paid my winnings of $300 promptly after a deposit of $100 with a 100% bonus.
superheropete said:
so, any suggestions, apparently its pretty quiet on here...does mr. bailey have anything to say about OO and their theivery practices?

Seems like they have gone evil lately.

There are quite a few reports around of stealing winnings.
thelawnet said:
Seems like they have gone evil lately.
I concur... There is a thread about Odds On software over at
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you might want to browse before making a deposit. If you stick with casinos endorsed here, your chances of being screwed over are slim. Just be sure to read and follow the T/C precisely, or you won't get paid your winnings.
Adult content

I haven't mentioned this so far as they had demonstrated professionalism in the past but,
Yellow Card in my book: They've invested in adult banners and marketing material for adult sites.
There might be a market there but I don't like a decision by any group to mine it. :cool: It means either:
A) A sharp marketing approach
B) A desperate marketing approach
I disapprove aesthetically whatever the reason.
Also they had some IT issues over the summer.

Just a booking but I'd like to see how this goes.
yeah that is stealing winnings

Isn't that considered fraud? There "risk management" thing sounds like a crock. I never heard of this casino. Once and I will try a new one and it would be a crock. I couldn't imagine depositing and givenm the run around about payment. Have you tried the Boss Medias? They always paid me and the odds seem good.
Risk Management?

Risk Management:-

You won too much, the risk is that they will pay out and you might not play again. To manage the risk they confiscate winnings.
If the details registered are correct, and all terms are complied with, all that should be necessary is a request for standard documents before processing the cash-in - after which all should be fine.

There is NO risk to the casino from a legitimate player playing RANDOM games over the long term, even if they got lucky at first.

If the games are NOT Random, and a player is not SUPPOSED to win that much with a generous bonus (Lucky Chance? Casinova Neteller 200% every time?), "flags will be raised" in any security master database!

Does this have anything to do with this recent Anti-Neteller behaviour that I have been seeing at some casinos, even the reputable 888.com ahd it's sister Reef Club have sneaked an Anti-Neteller Poisoned Chalice into T&Cs.
I sent copies of my id and a whole bunch of bills showing my address etc...and still nothing. I guess they've decided that ignoring their players is the best way to solve PR issues.

Not that Im a gamblin man, :p but I would bet they are using my win on their 'winners marquee' that scrolls across the top ..so and so won 4500 playing JoB ..bast$%ds
I take it you have pitched a bitch? If so I'd keep sending Bryan a reminder every now and again so he doesn't forget to look into it. He's helped players in the past with these when they've tried to do this before IIRC.

Other than that I'd just keep bumping this thread and other threads at anywhere else you might post until it's resolved, to keep players aware of the situation.
Yep, the bastards took my deposit at Dollar, then banned me, and locked my Millionaire accout which still had money in it. Even though I cleared all the WR plus 10%.

As expected they won't reply to emails.
Hope everything works out for those being cheated by this group. I do think Bryan has some pull with these guys, but not sure how much anymore as it seems more and more players are getting stiffed by them.

With Bryan's help, I eventually got paid my full balance from English Harbour. But, I never received the signup bonuses from EH or Silver Dollar and my accounts remain locked. Convenient for them of course.

I was willing to let this slide after awhile(even though it really was wrong of them) but what still bothers me is despite Bryan's multiple inquiries to them, they never explained what security flags were raised and why my accounts were kept locked. I, of course, already knew why - they locked my accounts because I signed up at both EH and Silver Dollar within a 1 or 2 hour time frame and this probably made me come up as "bonus hunter" on their radar. I guess they don't want to come right out and say this as they are more than willingly to accommodate multiple deposits across the group as long as you lose.

All in all, very shady group that hates paying out winners who have capitalized on their bonuses(or intended to do so).

I wouldn't recommend English Harbour casinos but if you can't help yourself and give them a try, be aware that they will confiscate your winnings if you exhibit any trace of bonus hunting practices. And, who knows, maybe they will just confiscate winnings period.

These forums are powerful - reading just one complaint like this I would never ever touch English Harbour again - I used to have an account with them, and back then they were Meister approved - but they're not on the list anymore. There's so many casinos to choose from, why take even the smallest risk?

I want hassle-free online gambling, and the money I'm wagering is hard-earned with my own two hands, and I want the games to be fair. That's why I'll stick to 32Red for now. I also play at Casino-on-Net, but I'm getting anxious about them because Casino-on-Net is off the Meister's list and they have some weird Neteller bonus terms now. Lasseters I think is trustworthy as well, although I've never made a withdrawal :( But they have their government licence, and are Meister approved, and those taken together speak strongly on their behalf.

If I were a casino operator, I'd take any complaint on these forums very very seriously, unless the casino is just out to rip off the newcomers and just don't care about their reputation.

Out of curiosity, which casinos do you trust a 100% ? OK, well say 99% ?

I have never once had a problem with any of the 8 casinos in this group. In my observation, a good ammount of the problmes that people run into have a lot to do with having accounts accross their entire casino network.

Is Millionaire the only casino that you have an account with out of the English Harbour group? I suspect probably not. How long ago did you open the other accounts? Have you deposited and played at those other casinos in the space between when you did their signup bonus, and when you obviously did Millionaires?

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