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Odds On Gaming was formed in early 1998 to meet the software needs of emerging e-cash processing companies. Shortly thereafter, OOG's development team started to develop customized Casino games to meet the growing needs of their e-cash clients. This original software was developed using downloadable JAVA, followed shortly thereafter by a downloadable C++ version.

Today, OOG is a leading software development company with a staff of thirty in house developers dedicated to producing a wide variety of classic Casino games as well as amusement with profit (AWP) games for the online gaming marketplace.

Currently the front end of OOG's Casino is written in Microsoft's C++ programming language with a browser based back office and JAVA back end.

A combination using IBM/DB2 and SQL data bases are used to store all operational data to enable licensees to get access to their player's casino activity on a 24/7 basis from anywhere in the world.
OOG has its offices located in St. John's, Antigua.


When on line gaming started in the mid 90's, all of the major software development companies also owned and operated their own captive casinosMost still do.

When Odds On Gaming (OOG) started operation in 1998, they took the position that being an operator represented a conflict of interest. So, rather than compete directly with their clients, OOG decided to focus solely on the business of developing on line gaming software, plus, provide other essential support services (See Full Service Offering)

As the on line Casino market now starts to mature, operators are beginning to recognize and appreciate the benefits of having a software partner, rather that a software competitor as their supplier of choice.


At OOG we believe that the business of owning and operating an on line casino is clearly the licensee's responsibility. For this reason, OOG software is based on a flexible, modular system which allows the licensee full access to all the information generated by both the game and data base servers no matter where they are located.

Furthermore, this invaluable management data can be accessed from anywhere in the world on a 24/7 basis. In contrast, most of our competitors do not offer such flexibility and exercise strict controls over the access to the data which their licensee's casinos generate.

In some scenarios, this even extends to the use and control of the operators data base and in some instances the URL as well


When choosing a software supplier for your on-line business, it is essential to select one that is profitable. Financial stability helps ensure that the software, essential for the success of your on-line business is properly serviced and maintained and that the software company can continue to apply the resources necessary to develop new gaming concepts to keep your casino dynamic and above all, competitive.

In addition to its established portfolio of casino products, Odds On Gaming continues to develop new and exciting new games and concepts to meet the interest and demands of the on line gaming market.
The company is privately held and operates profitably.


Odds On Gaming recognizes that one of the primary keys for success is the licensee's ability to attract and maintain players though the use of effective marketing, promotion, as well as customer service programs. For this reason, OOG has established a competitive royalty rate of 15%, which, after deducting an additional promotional allowance (to further stimulate player activity) makes our rate one of the most aggressive in the business today.

We have determined that with a royalty rate at this level, our licensees have more money to spend on essential marketing and promotion and at the same time, enable OOG to generate the funds necessary to produce and maintain world class gaming software, plus, operate profitably.


Many of OOG's original software developers came from some of North America's leading financial institutions. It is not surprising therefore why the company has been successful in building a function rich back office system which provides the Casino operator with all the information required to successfully manage the Casino's day to day operations as well as its longer term requirements.

The OOG back office reporting system, based on Crystal Enterprise, is a key company strength providing operational reports with drill down and business graphics capabilities.

Licensees are provided with access to their Casino's back office in real-time, 24/7 from anywhere in the world.


In addition to being a provider of leading edge gaming software, OOG can provide licensees with all the necessary auxiliary services required to operate an on line casino including:

An on line license from a recognized Government authority.

24/7 Server hosting and Casino Call Center facilities.

Network architecture and hardware configuration.

Full service e-cash processing, fraud control and a variety of alternative payment options

Customized Casino Web site design

Themed, custom Graphics for Casino Branding

Business Plan Strategies.

Marketing, Promotional and Customer Service support programs.

Affiliate and Web Master relationship Strategies