odds of dealt royal flush??


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Mar 30, 2004
I got my first dealt royal flush yesterday..only 3-liner but still lol. Just curious if anyone knows the odds of a dealt one?
Why is it different if they both use one deck ? I know in VP you can get them a lot more often because you can discard cards but why aren't the odds the same for being dealt one? I've gotten a Royal in Let em' Ride before .. but damn.. few and far.between. I just started playing VP the end of June.. got 7 royals June 28th - July 28th but none dealt.
YuraK said:
In usual VP it's about 1/40000. In Carribean about 1/780000.

5/13 x 4/51 x 3/50 x 2/49 x 1/48 - i assume (using logic).

I make that 1 in 649,740

Not that i'm a mathematician - but many are round here so you won't have to wait long :)
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