odds and ends

I think its real, but they may have added things to the video to make it seem more dramatic.
Most likely they just filmed a snake out on a stroll and added the screaming man in post-production.

Like how they added music to the video below to make it more dramatic.
Very common when making nature documentaries.

Following Usyk's lucky win against Daniel Dubois, where the latter was deprived of a win by virtue of having landed a low blow and allowing Usyk to recover in three minutes of stoppage, the debate rumbles on as to what constitutes a foul.

All the more so given that any boxer can visually deceive refs and judges by pulling their shorts higher, so that everything appears a low blow.

Not one to miss a trick, Tyson Fury has taken it upon himself to adopt this new strategy for his potential upcoming bout.

Every little helps, right?

'No Context Brits' have taken it upon themselves to do God's work by updating Britain's most venerated locales to a whole new generation, and one can see why.

Known for its welcoming, yet overly tactile locals:


World-famous dogging location, loved by all:


For something different, why not go downtown?


And of course the classic


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Only took 27 years, him stating he was at the scene and a memoir confession for cops to fully realize he may have played a part in the proceedings 🤔

Still, after all that time, can anything be credible and proven?....


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Elite kingpin and all-round megalomaniac Klaus Schwab dropping his latest banger, for all the Schwabies out there.

Cricket-crunchingly catchy!


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