Withdrawn: Odaiba Casino : balances disappear, no CS : Casinomeister Warning


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Jan 20, 2004
A player had a balance of over $1000 in their account for some months ... and suddenly the account showed $0. The player had changed the currency of their NETeller account but had provided all the documents the casino requested.

Customer Service and the finance people at the casino have been silent. Phone calls to the casino yield only statements like "this is the wrong number for English" but it's the only number given on the site, albeit under the Japanese section, and no other number is offered.

Our efforts to contact the casino have yielded nothing, no response at all.

Warning: monies held in account at Odaiba Casino can disappear without notice, Customer Service will not respond to player complaints. Until we know that this situation has changed my recommendation is ... Avoid this casino!

PS. It may be that if you are a Japanese or Korean speaking player there are more options available to you. The English side of the site offers no meaningful contact information or Support options.
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