Noxwin (Everymatrix Ltd) refuse to pay


Dormant account

First.. sorry for my english.

I had an account before on Noxwin Casino, but I asked them to block my account. After a month I asked them to activate my account, but they refused it. I asked them is it possible to open a new account, if my brother registers? The support agent said yes, he can register.

Few weeks ago my partner registered on the site, and she deposited from my Skrill account. They accepted the deposit, so she started to play. After winning she requested a withdraw, the casino asked her for documents.
She sent all documents to them, but the verification was really slow.

While they worked on her account I registered to Jetbull Casino with my own name. (I didn't know that it's operated by same company, Everymatrix Ltd.) I deposited, and lost my money. No problem, this is gambling..

Yesterday Noxwin sent an email, and they said they refuse to pay the winning, because the Skrill account used for a self excluded account. I read the terms and conditions, but they didn't write anything about this.

I talked with a support agent on Jetbull, and she said I can't play on their casinos because it's powered by same company, so if I win, they will reverse my winning. It's ok, but if it's not legal to win, I can get back my money, what I lost?

Honestly I don't care when I lose money, because it's gambling, but I think it's unfair when they accept the deposit, but refuse to pay the winning. If it happens because of the rules I think they should pay back my money in the other casino.

What do you think? What can I do?

Thanks for the reading.