Now This Would Make An Interesting Poll


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Mar 9, 2005
As I sit here wonding about the outcome of my money I cant help but try to keep whats left of my mind busy. :D

I wonder what would happen if when i joined a new casino i have them send me a Player's TC which would go something like:

1. The Casino will pay the player in full without dispute if that player has read the Casino T&C. Validation of this will be a form that the player has sent back to the casino stating he/she has read the T&C and the casino must reply with a confirmation e-mail back to the player of receipt. The account cannot be activated until the casino can prove that the player has received their copy.

2. If the player can provide accurate documentation such as Chat Help screen shots - stating by the casino that they have meet the wg requirements, or any type of support documents (no forgery ofcourse), the casino promises to pay the player without delay.

3. The casino promises to email the player within 48 hours with a DESCRIPTIVE and MEANINGFUL answer of denial of their with drawal - not to include a standard rejection letter.

Sorry but I just cant resist this for editorial reading if nothing else. Probably will get myself in trouble but what the HxxL


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