Question Novomatic/Greentube stand alone slots better than the multi players?


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Hey guys,

Anyone who ever played Novomatic knows most of their slots are pretty high variance.
I play these for several years now and do enjoy them as they can be darn rewarding.

Lately I found a few casino's where you can play a few Novomatic slots like on SkyVegas etc etc etc.
Difference with casino's like Quasargaming and Stargames is that you get to play a stand alone slot on SkyVegas for example where you can pick out of 100 or 200 of the same slots (multi player environment) on Quasar and Stargames.

I find the stand alone slots much more reliable although they should be powered by the same technology?Greentube...

Where on Quasar and Stargames I had sessions where it litterarly took me 1500-2000 spins before triggering a feature on Lucky Lady Charm for example,on the stand alone machines it seems to follow a pattern that matches with MGS/Netent slots where a feature triggers ON average every 150 spins-ish,right?

So are both platforms bahaving differently in both variance and RTP then?

Just wondering here..

Any Novomatic player knows what I mean with above post,I hope.... *smirks*


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I've played both a fair bit and I have to admit I haven't seen anything to suggest the stand-alone version is different I'm afraid. But I'll keep my eyes open when I play them next.

As for the free spins, I'd guess an average of about 1 in 300/350 for games like LLC and 1 in 150 or so for Ra and LOTO.


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im on the average anywhere near 50- 400 around that figure but i have gone more than this on a few games , i only play at Quasar gaming i dont hold a account at ovo or star games , so would of thought maybe its just been crap (