Expired Promo Novibet Casino - You're Wanted... Dead or Alive!

There are promos that are no more.
I have supported and took part in just about every comp that has been presented to us in CM since I joined. Win or lose I think it is important to make an effort because I am not in here just for what I can gain.
I think it is sad that CM comps are not as well supported as they could be

I'm the same, the reasons I didn't take part in this one are, I can't stand DoA, to me they are the most boring games I ever play, which is rare. A week ago I did do 400 spins on each and didn't get a single bonus (from memory) and just gave up. Also, the rep is totally unresponsive, no post in this thread since it started and no response to other queries on the forum, even though they were linked in here. It's a shame because I do play there, but the rep being more responsive would increase my deposits.
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Youre finding issues where there's non issues
i collected scores and i 'hit' an 'o' where it should have been an 'i' where pointed out, quicky edited the typo

if your biggest problem was geodiecolon when should have been geogiecolin and was sorted before you were in, ...well, your issue, typically finding problems where there are none
not an abuse of power
everyone can quickly edit where needed and I caught it where pointed out

youre finding problems, where there arent problems

get over it
It was done for the amusement of your buddies. I have the screenshot of it and the following posts where you obviously enjoyed their amusement of it.
Why did you assume I was not in?
You've old issues I'm not dealing with, and definitely not the venue for it
I've elevated it up.

Otherwise, contest to be drawn come Monday, screenies and totals to be checked this weekend .GL )
Hiya peeps - let's please keep the thread on track and not worry about misspelling user names. It pains me to see a few unnecessary jabs back and forth.

The discussion should be around this competition. You need more folks to join? I can send a mass PM. Maybe when I get a chance this weekend. :D
Cheers for the comp and congrats to the other winners. I've had zero issues with my withdrawals,updating docs,gameplay or any other issue at Novibet over the past few weeks so cheers Novibet :cheers:
It's the only casino I play at now, had some decent hits here too. It's a very good casino

One of the few casinos i play at now and one which has never given me any run around re withdrawals/KYC etc.

Apart from un-verifying me, then re-verifying me but it was only 10 minutes of slotting lost to be fair (plus, only had a tenner in the bank so it lasted an extra 10 minutes)
Had it the other day and got 4 across the top on first spin, then two in the next, was thinking ; oh here she goes....sadly no.

One after that was 10's

Not a ten in the spins - seriously? :mad:nlQUOTE]
Yeah it's crappy just now, probably to with that 100,000, recently
Novibet is a highly recommended, vetted Accredited Casino at Casinomeister:

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