Expired Promo Novibet Casino – ‘’Autumn wins’’ competition

There are promos that are no more.
Supa is waiting for the last minute rush of posts.
crossing fingers that there are only 123 posts from the 4 already posted.
Any new additions to the 123 club step away from the forum lol
Whoops. I meant to do some last minute game play but I slept all day.. Oh well. Congrats to all winners. Idk what place I even got but since I didn't post any extras, probably 3-4th.
Thank you pinnit, I'll check the points too and confirm!

Also thanks everybody who sent me their details :thumbsup:
Cheers for the comp Novi and congrats to winners

Never has Finn been played so much.

Think the final positions are

1. Moi
2. Smart Croatia
3. Chiya
4. Dave1888
5. Supa sneaking it for a cheeky 50.

I checked and this is correct :)
Dave had more total points, but chiya had more 123 wins :)

Congrats!! Hope you had fun!! Gonna send your usernames to Novibet and let them know to prize you asap :) :cheerleader:

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