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Apr 20, 2017
Novibet Casino – ‘’Autumn wins’’ competition

Duration – 4 weeks (finishes on the 31st of October 23:59:59 GMT)

How to participate:

Make a minimum deposit of €10 over at Novibet casino and post as many screenshots of wins with Novibet casino, containing the numbers 1,2,3 in that order, in this Casinomeister thread. For example: €£1,23 or €£12,3, €£123

1 Screenshot posted brings a player 1 point. Please post your screenshots in this thread and send your Novibet username to LadyJelena.

Winners will be the players with most of the points at the end of the competition. In case of the same points number, higher winning place will be considered for a player who collected this number of points first.

Players from the following countries are eligible to participate: United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, Norway, Slovenia, Croatia.


1st Place = €200
2nd Place = €150
3rd Place = €100
4th Place = €75
5th Place = €50

Terms & Conditions:

-Only real money screen shots taken in Novibet Casino count.
-Minimum deposit of €10 is required.
-Prizes will be credited as cash in players’ accounts on the 1st of November 2019.
-1 point per screen shot posted.
-New and existing players from allowed countries are eligible to participate.
-Only screenshots posted in this thread will count towards the competition.

UPDATED TERMS & C and Rules ( in order to give more chance to people to win Vacant Prizes)

  • Users Posting "123" screenshots will be first candidates to get Prizes.
  • If one of the Prize Categories we hasn't candidates, we will count EXTRA POINTS as follows (mentioned by Jelena) "screen shots with 1,2,2 or 1,2,4 numbers will get 0.5 Points and with 1,2,1 or 1,2,5 number order will get 0.25 Points. " AS A EXTRA POINTS
  • In case 2 or more users with the same number of "123"Screenshots user with more EXTRA POINTS Will win.
Explanation Example:

Player1: "123"screenshots =2, "122" screenshots =1 (0.5Points) , "121" screenshots = 2 (0.25 Points x 2) TOTAL EXTRA POINTS = 0.5 +(0.25X2) = 1
Player2: "123"screenshots=2, "121" screenshots =1 (0.25Points). TOTAL EXTRA POINTS =0.25
Player3: "122" Screenshots=3(0.5Points x 3), "125" screenshots=3 (0.25Points x 3). TOTAL EXTRA POINTS=1.5 + 0.75 = 2.25 EXTRA POINTS
Player:4: "122" Screenshots=3(0.5Points x 3), "124"screenshots=2(0.5Points x 2). TOTAL EXTRA POINTS=1.5 + 1 = 2.5 EXTRA POINTS
Player5: "121" Screenshots=4(0.25 x 4), "125"screenshots=4(0.25Points x4). TOTAL EXTRA POINTS = 1 +1 = 2 EXTRA POINTS
Player6: "122"Screenshots =2 ( 0.5Points x 2). TOTAL EXTRA POINTS =1

1st Prize: Player1 ( same 123 screenshots than Player2 but with more Extra points)
2nd Prize: Player2 ( is the only player with 123 except 1st winner).

ONLY 2 Members with 123 Screenshots, so the rest of Prize categories will be win by the rest of participants with the Extra Points:

3rd Prize: Player4 ( member with most Extra Points)
4rd Prize Player3 ( 2nd member with most Extra Points.)
5nd Prize Player5 (3rd member with most Extra Points)

Player6 No Prize.

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This is so cool! Thanks Novibet! :cheerleader:
It's an interesting comp for sure, but this means no autoplay nor quickspinning unless you can record your gameplay and look at it afterwards. Might be a bit troublesome ..

I might give it a bash later this month tho.
I feel like I'm at great disadvantage at this challenge; For some reason at Novibet, **only** NotEnt games are available for Finnish players. I already made an account and deposited, not realizing this because well .. why would anyone assume only NotEnt was available to them? Given that pinnit is playing Bonanza, and I can play that and many other games at countless other casinos.

There aren't many NotEnt games where landing on a 1,23€ win is even possible. .. Tho right after writing this I got this .. AHHH being one off is so infuriating.

I've hummed and harred at taking part in this a few times as it seems quite difficult to achieve such specific numbers. But as I usually take part in CM exclusives I shall have a bash at Bonyanza :)
I'm feeling slightly perplexed at these recent CM promos. First I get upset when I did well in a comp and now I'm getting frustrated when a bonus round pays more than I wish for! I am now on £53 for my £20 deposit and so far this is the closest I have came to what I am looking for

My worry is that I will get click happy, let my mind wander hit a 123 win and accidentally click the next spin before brain/hand communicate with each other lol
My worry is that I will get click happy, let my mind wander hit a 123 win and accidentally click the next spin before brain/hand communicate with each other lol
I doubt that any combo that hits 69 would escape your instincts :)
| blew my small deposit but I will be back because | quite enjoyed the challenge. | may have been able to post something closer but who really has the devotion to watch out for a hit that is so specific? I've been distracted by all of those women who seem to like to pass by my place so randomly :(

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