WARNING Noubet: no pay, no Support


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A player approached us with a situation where they had won €7000 at the casino, requested a partial withdrawal at which point their account was locked and they were asked to submit their documents.

No matter what they tried -- zips, RARs, flat files, etc -- the casino claimed they had received nothing. The player finally posted to a public space and the casino refused to access them because "there might be viruses".

Eventually the casino said "yes, we have them" but the player's account remained locked and Support did not respond to emails.

The player filed a Pitch-A-Bitch and we tried many times to get a response from the casino. All attempts were received but never acknowledged. To date the casino hasn't sent a single word regarding the player's situation.

Warning: Noubet is confiscating funds without explanation and ignoring player complaints.
Players are advised to avoid this casino.

UPDATE: the casino did respond once they'd seen the Warning, said they'd discovered that the player had once done a chargeback and had told him they were confiscating his money and closing his account because "you are trying to default Noubet".

We asked if they had any actual evidence that the player was trying to defraud them or were they just assuming the worst based on the historical info they had. No response.

The Warning stands as is until there is some reason re-evaluate it.
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