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Jan 18, 2007
Status report:

$xxx.xx withdrawal

Your most recent cashin has been paid. Full details are available on
your CashCheck Statement at
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Mon, 22 Jan 2007 12:35:40 +0000

To be fair, a little less than 24 hours since my email request for confirmation of delivery .

I've read the threads and I 'know' the state of the industry. I'm not too worried about this chunk of change, but i would like to see it, whether I burn the check or not! It's just winnings. It's not like I'll have the oportunity to play at that theme again anyway.

If they do right, check in hand, i will report here. If they don't i prolly won't bitch a bit or mention their name again, ever. But you never know, huh? It seems like they wanted to pay me, if they could, we'll see.

since we're in this double-secret America the Beautiful thread that not even the CIA knows about (unless they're holding kasinoking and threatening to wax his hairy back), would you please give us the name of your bank?
Whatever, it will bounce.

Like an idiot I deposited it yesterday because Bank of the West in SLC said there was enough money in the account to cover it. I had hoped that if there was red flag on it they would have mentioned it on the phone. WTF

Dear (lojo),

Account number: gorxxxxxxxx

Please note that due to the recently imposed banking restrictions in
the USA, we regret to inform you our processing
bank has just notified us that all checks to the US have been stopped
with immediate effect, thus we will not be able
to refund any future withdrawals through checks.

Unfortunately, this new policy will also affect all your "not
cashed/drawn" check(s) as follows:

Name - Amount
Date - Jan 26 2007 4:07PM
Vegas Country Casino

We strongly advise you not to deposit it as no funds can be released
and you will only incur unnecessary charges.

Be advised that ALL outstanding checks are now invalid. Please note
that we shall not be held responsible for
any fees incurred, should you decide to withdraw any checks against our

We are currently working on a solution to be able to process all
pending withdrawals as soon as possible, and your patience
and understanding will be greatly appreciated in the meantime.

At the moment our U.S.A. players can choose to receive their funds in
the following ways:

- Through Click 2 Pay (for existing C2P consumers ONLY).
- Through EcoCard (if you do not hold an account with Ecocard, you can
register an account at
- By requesting their funds to be returned to their gaming account

Alternatively you can opt to keep any funds you may be expecting on
hold, until we find a suitable and efficient way to pay out winnings.

Let us conclude that for our Casinos "is business as usual" and we
trust that we will be able to offer to all our players alternative refund
methods as soon as possible and will keep you informed of any changes
as soon as they are available.

Kind Regards,
Eprocessing Services
on behalf of Vegas Country Casino


General info or queries

Toll Free Fax Numbers

Australia 1800 151 232
Canada 1866 818 8339
France 0800 916 457
Germany 0800 187 3406
Hong Kong 800 933 242
Italy 800 871 502
Israel 1800 9441 210
Portugal 800 880 390
South Africa 0800 990 538
Spain 900 998 995
UK 0800 015 5697
USA 1866 577 3694

DIRECT FAX for other countries 0044 207 308 1357

EDIT: Great, I reply to the email and what do I get?

Hi. This is the qmail-send program at
I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following
This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.

I'm gonna bitch and moan for a minute. I emailed these guys days ago, never got a response. The check was dated the 26th, cover letter the 28th, and envelope was postmarked (in shop) the 29th. I got it from Michigan on the 7th, they send me an email after it arrived. I think they sat on it until the account was closed. I google mapped the address on the cover letter and it was an abandoned machinery dealer's warehouse in a suburb of Detroit, obviously a facade to process some moneys while they could. I'm just going to put it back in the casino and play some progressives, wtf. At least if I win millions I will have something important to bitch about. As I saw in another thread here somewhere yesterday, don't bother trying to cash any checks from Web Merchants, LLC drawn on Bank of the West in Salt Lake City. The guy at the bank should have known the check was no good, not just whether there was enough money in the account to cover it. I should have known it was no good, now I will pay fees. That's all my bitching and moaning, G'DAY!

Last edit: Go figger, huh? It took like 5 minutes to get it back into my casino account... hmmm Well now show me five kings on line 9!!!
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