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Oct 5, 2005
well, i swore that i would never play at virtual again, after a less than pleasant encounter with thier online chat, but today, on a whim, i thought i'd give them another shot...what the hell was i thinking????

after grabbing a bonus, i headed to the slots, and turned a small deposiut into more than 300...

after playing for quite a while, i figured i may] be nearing the playthrough, so i go to online chat...


Thank you for contacting Virtual Casino's Live Support.
This is Danny, how may I help you today?
max1mike: virtual danny????
max1mike: what is the playthrough requirements on the chip i am playing on?
max1mike: and, where am i at in regards to meeting the playthrough?
Danny: Play through on free chips is 20x
Danny: I dont have access to check wagering
Danny: check back with us in 30 minutes
max1mike: if in the bank window it says "withdrawable"....i can make a w/d at any time?
max1mike: of that amount?
Danny: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.
Danny: no
Danny: disreguard that
Danny: you have to ask us for the play
max1mike: well...maybe someone ought to fix it...kinda misleading dont ya think?
Danny: I will be right with you. Please bear with me.
Danny: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a
Danny: I will be right with you. Please bear with me.
Danny: Hello?
Danny: Are you still there
max1mike: yes?
Danny: Im so sorry, I got stuck on the phone and 2 other chats forgive me
max1mike: typical virtual casino...
Danny: Its what you may request to withdraw
Danny: excuse me?
Danny: I didnt understand that
Danny: what your looking at means you may request to withdraw that amount
max1mike: well...i need to know where i am at in regards to meeting the playthrough on the chip i am playing on...
Danny: but you would still need to meet the play
Danny: it doesnt mean that thats the amount you can cash out
Danny: Its an RTG thing not us
Danny: they make the rules not us
max1mike:you were handling an issue with mebut couldnt give me the attention that was needed, and had to go do something else...this is why i stopped playing here for awhile
max1mike: you told me to check back in 30 minutes an hour ago
max1mike: ok, its 922...ill talk to you at 932...
Danny: I have 6 chats my friend
Danny: and I answer phones
Danny: Im going as fast as I can
max1mike: so mine isnt important?
Danny: Did you not understand?
Danny: Im handling 6 players at once
Danny: you are all important
Danny: the guy will be here in 7 minutes
Danny: please check back then
Danny: you will get the figures
max1mike: thats fine...ill check back with you in 9 minutes
Danny: Ill have him prepare them for when you do come back
Danny: ok
Chat session has been terminated by the site operator

so that was that...till i get this...a freakin' popup!!!

funny, after that, now i'm pissed, and i figure...i'm just gonna play out the last 148 bucks, and like magic, not ONE bonus round in any of the spins i played.

"random" number generator???

i think not....tell me theres no "switch".
Odd Excuse

From my limited, and recent, RTG experience, there is a tool to check remaining wager requirements in the stand alone casinos. For those with a sportbook it is not so easy as wagering can take place there as well.

There is no need to play where it seems there is only ONE CS rep on duty! There are some RTG casinos here (Accredited List).
If you open an account at, say, Geisha Lounge, you may well receive a personal welcome phone call from the pit boss, where you can discuss all the questions that you would like to raise. I had this when I joined, and I was informed that I could open an account at others in the group if I preferred to play in GBP, as Geisha only supported USD.
The only proviso is to make sure you understand the deals on offer before using an optional bonus code.
A big bonus is no excuse for considering a group for redemption from the personal rogue pit. The biggest bonuses are probably a sign of desperation from a casino unable to attract the level of deposits it needs, which will mean they won't want to make it easy for players to cash-in while ahead (hence the distinct lack of importance given to a query that might lead to a cash-in).
I swore i would never read another Virtual Casino thread but i read this one.

This time is for real. Will never read another one. Complaining about Virtual is like complaining because the sun comes up.

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