Nothing is fair anymore


Just lost 44 hands in a row against netent classic blackjack.

If i had 11 vs a dealer 5 and doubled it was sure to give me a A,2 or 3 dealer then proceeds to get 6+5+5=21
35/35 times dealer has a ten, there is another 10.

3 times i get BJ, dealer has BJ.

Then on with bonanza, one feature in 6000+ spins, and that one feature. That one fucking GLOD paid 1,97€ on a 0,20€ bet. Because I just cant afford to keep depositing with a rtp of 50%

Everything has turned to shit.


Swingin' like Darryl Strawberry
Is that AI Blackjack? I distrust those completely.

And as for Bonanza, well, we know what that does to people :mad: They ought to rename that game entirely, maybe "Empty Promises" or "Ponzi Bonanza" :cool:


Ueber Meister
This reminded me of a new years eve, 5 -7 years back. I was playing Blackjack with some friends, no luck, until I started dealing. For 30 - 40 min it was crazy, I was winning everybody in any way possible! If they had 19 I would get 20, if they had 21 I would get BJ, if they had 20 and I was at 19 my next card would be 2. Crazy luck, I couldn’t stop laughing! Very polite of them that they didn’t kick me out of their house. :oops:

BTW, that was the last of the hand full of times I ever played Blackjack.
This happens, it is luck. One day super bad, one super good, many in between.