Not what I wanted to see!


New World Order
Aug 27, 2008
The biG Eu
I personally would not mourn the loss of this slot from Uk casinos. Its so extreme and sure can give amazing wins but other than that it just destroys any balance. I avoid this one as best as I can and almost always regret it when I dont. I play less and less WMS games anyway these days ... and without the auto play feature now for us out in the backwaters of the UK I cant be bothered to keep on clicking. WMS have been bone idle in not getting the fix for autoplay as many other providers have done ... they have in my view taken a "could not care less" attitude. Good riddance if you ask me! They should have made it a priority to get the fixes to auto play to keep in line with the (very anal in this case) UKGC requirements. But instead they took a FU attitude and just removed auto play all together :mad: