not very funny inetbet


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Jul 13, 2009
dear inetbet

do you think its amusing sending someone a warning for bonus abuse ,having them bonus banned until they make a real deposit even tho they are roughly 1k down on your site followed 2 days later by .................

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wow , i guess all the people you have accused of being bonus abusers must have been rolling on their sides with this pearl


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Oct 30, 2008
You should live supp.... er.... email them and complain. Then you can get the "Would you like your account closed" letter. :)


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Sep 26, 2004
You should live supp.... er.... email them and complain. Then you can get the "Would you like your account closed" letter. :)

"In response to your concern your account has already been closed' Special treatment eh?:D

However, while I do not appreciate the one-for-all email to all players, it is sometimes a laborious task to cater for each and every customer timely. If the OP had been bonus-banned for 2 weeks and the offending email then arrived I would be really pissed off.


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Jul 13, 2009
this email was received 1 week before april

Dear xxxxx

We have today processed your withdrawal request.

It is with regret that I have to inform you that our accounts department have flagged your account.

You have recently continually availed of bonuses that we offer to reward our regular players, but you do not play unless it is bonus advantage play.

I must therefore confirm that unless we see a change in your pattern of play i.e. bonus free playing, we will be denying any future bonuses that you try to redeem on your account.

This is not an action that we would take lightly, however continual misuse of the bonus program seriously affects our ability to reward our regular players. :what::what::what::what::what:

Once in place this is not permanent, should we see some sustained non bonus play then this restriction can be lifted.

Kind regards

CSR Lynn

Accounts Dept.

iNetBet Casino

ok this is followed by the april fools joke which in reality is a 100 % bonus offer
firstly i am so offended to be accused of bonus abuse
i have had 2 cashouts from the casino the very first deposit and now what will be my last deposit
i never bet over $2 , i never doubled up i just played slots
( well its quite clear , they havent banned me from the casino for cheating they just think cashing out twice is bonus abuse )
what i find the most amusing is that while on a losing run of over a dozen deposits i never received a bonus abuse email ....
like the case of roygen who also posted his email he received for bonus abuse it was only on a cashout that it was sent out.
so it seems inetbet is quite happy to have you *bonus abuse * as long as you keep losing , soon as you hit the cash out button wow you are classed as a well abuser .
why did i not receive a bonus abuse letter on my 2nd 3rd 5th 7th 9 th 11th losing deposit ?

bonus advantage play ? putting in $50 at 50 % and betting 80 c over 4 hours trying to clear the wr is advantage play ?

and how the hell does my taking of bonuses that you email me affect your ability to reward regular players? what my massive cashout of $150 after losing $800 affects your regular players ? what the hell explain this ? if your casino is losing the ability to reward so called regular players by people taking offers you email and have no warning on your website *PLAYERS DEPOSITING $50 WITH OUR BONUS WE OFFER WILL BE CLASSED AS ADVANTAGE PLAYERS IF YOU MANAGE TO CASH OUT TWICE IN 20 SESSIONS IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE CONTACT LIVE SUPPORT FOR HELP *

i mean what the hell really

it seems these days its a very fearful time for players , even the short ecstasy of win is short lived these days " will i get paid " " did i have 1 spin on the wrong game " "is my qt , or moneybookers or cheque going to arrive , is the government going to shut this down or that down" "am i going to get an email accuse me of cheating "
so you find a casino you think is fine , hay payouts work , but no , even after a measly win you manage to make a player feel like shit

so what i say to you inetbet is
1. have it clearly marked on your site that you consider someone who takes
more than xx amount of bonuses in a row is an advantage player ( unless they are on a losing streak in which case they can advantage all they want )
2 explain how me taking a bonus affects regular players ?
3 think through your marketing , dont send promotions to people you have bonus banned , if you dont want these players at your casino in the first place DONT OFFER BONUSES
4 my account will be closed i would rather put $20 on a blind 3 legged horse in a greased 50000 meter steeple chase involving ladders than give it to you.
5 good luck to your " regular players " i hope i havent disadvantaged them too much