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Jul 15, 1999
Interactive Gaming Institute Established

The Internet Business Alliance of Nevada Announces the Creation
Of a New Organization to Promote Interactive Gaming Standards

At a hearing of the Nevada
Legislature's Assembly Judiciary Committee today, Richard Fitzpatrick,
President and CEO of the Internet Business Alliance of Nevada (IBAN),
announced the creation of the Interactive Gaming Institute.

The Interactive Gaming Institute (IGI) is an independent, non-profit
agency, that will provide professional support for the development of
guidelines and business practice principles to help ensure that as interactive
(Internet and intranet) gaming becomes more widespread, the software,
documentation, equipment and other technologies necessary are developed to
meet the rigorous standards of Nevada's gaming regulatory bodies.

IGI will act as a clearing house to provide information on current and
prospective technological developments that are of interest to the interactive
gaming industry and its regulators. IBAN established IGI to provide a bridge
between the technology community and gaming industry.

The creation of IGI coincides with legislation currently before the Nevada
Legislature's Assembly Judiciary Committee that would authorize the Nevada
Gaming Commission to study and adopt regulations for the licensing of
"interactive gaming," which includes the acceptance of wagers via the

Assemblywoman Merle Berman says she introduced Bill AB296 because
"the growth of Internet casinos can no longer be ignored. AB296 allows Nevada
to make a reasoned decision about what its relationship to wagering via the
Internet will be."

According to Assemblywoman Berman, the revenues to casinos on the Internet
are reportedly in the billions of dollars. "Nevada has always been the first
and best in gaming, and still remains so. AB296 will make it possible for our
gaming regulators to move quickly and in the best interests of our casinos."

"We want to make sure that the technology companies who wish to provide
products and services to make interactive gaming possible, fully understand
the regulations and procedures set forth by the state's statues and
implemented by the Nevada Gaming Commission," said Fitzpatrick.

"Many of our companies are used to operating in the unregulated
environment of the Internet. Those who want to become involved with gaming
need to be aware of the rationale and processes of Nevada's stringent
licensing system," Fitzpatrick said. "We also feel we can provide valuable
technical assistance to the Legislature and the state's regulators as they
grapple with the technological issues of high-tech gaming."

Scott Frost, chair of the IBAN Board of Directors, said that "he sees
tremendous potential for companies to locate in Nevada and offer interactive
gaming solutions important to regulation such as player location and
identification verification, player privacy, gaming fairness and proper
on-line accounting."

In addition, activities of IGI will include:

-- IGI Advisory Board will be comprised of the leading experts in gaming
regulation plus those who are in the forefront of creating the hardware
and software technologies that can be used to implement interactive
gaming. The Advisory Board will oversee the creation of quality
assurance model regulations that establish rigorous competency, ethical
and practice standards.

-- IGI will hold a Forum & Exposition twice each year. The first
conference will take place this summer in Las Vegas.

-- Establishment of an informational clearinghouse that utilizes a web
site and a monthly eNewsletter to provide up-to-the-minute reports on
developments in technology and regulations applicable to interactive

-- IGI Workshops & Education Seminars will be held to disseminate
information on the availability and effectiveness of new interactive
gaming technologies, appropriate quality assurance standards, and the
steps necessary to meet Nevada's regulatory licensing requirements.
The content will be made available worldwide via streaming video on the
Internet and will be recorded and circulated on CD-ROMs.

-- A consumer education campaign will be developed to create public
recognition and understanding of the importance of only patronizing
interactive gaming sites and companies that meet Nevada's standards and

The Internet Business Alliance of Nevada (IBAN) is a non-profit,
state-wide alliance of information technology, networking, communications and
e-commerce businesses and their employees, suppliers and investors. IBAN
provides services, support and a powerful public voice for Nevada's
fast-growing Internet industry. For more information, visit IBAN's web site
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