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Jan 18, 2007
I've only been playing for a few years, but does anyone older remember when you could supposedly play solitaire for money in a casino? I heard that growing up; something like you buy the deck for $52 and get a buck back for each card over?

Any folklore? Any strange parlour games to share? How 'bout big bitch little bitch. The game is called casino, but anyone ever hear of how to bet on it other than penny a point? It was good practice for card counting on a single deck.

Ever play Tripoli? Seems like you'd roll the dice and land on a game, then play that game. That was fun. But I didn't understand some of it. I just liked it when the green table cloth came out with tiny chips.

Okay, here's the weirdest one... an NBC gameshow called Vegas (or at least that's what the boardgame was called) you rolled like Monopoly but if you land on my property you have to beat me at the house game !?! Think Bob Eubanks from the dating game, a green box, little spinners for slots and roulette :)

I'm just glad our neighbors didn't know what my decadent family was doing!!!
So it wasn't an urban myth!!!
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Would take me awhile to sort that paytable as well as the rules, barghhh I guess ol'
So it wasn't an urban myth!!! Cool, thanks T_B

Would take me awhile to sort that paytable as well as the rules, barghhh I know ol' sol beats me more often than not, just never knew how much I should enjoy the win.
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Remember Pokeno? The cards were the same size as the old bingo cards and had playing card symbols on them. You covered the cards with chips or nickels etc. It was fun.
Yeah I remember Pokeno! You got a bingocard with poker cards on it and rolled those cool dice to see what your hand would be. That was cool. Maybe that's where I remember the tiny chips from.

Only slingo I've seen is the state lottery card. I've donated a few $ to the schools with that one :)

Going to spend the next couple of days in Indian casinos on the Oregon coast. Had to bump Reno to the first week in April but gots to get my fix. I just hate having to leave the table to go get a drink, not to mention tanking up, it's $10 for a double shot. But they've got mr. cashman at a couple of them and it pays pretty well sometimes for all its foolishness:thumbsup: no roulette, no craps at most but busy poker rooms.

Edit: hmm looking on the web pokeno uses cards? I guess poker dice was another game we played... I've still got them somewhere.

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