Nostalgia casino buggy?


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Apr 29, 2006
In the process of my 4th uninstall reinstall. Joined this casino for the first time today. Now I'm not even going to start on the horrendous runs on thunderstruck (averaging one bonus trigger per 450 spins and then hitting nothing in the free spins) cos we all know that happens. What is really getting my goat is the number of times I'm having to reinstall the software. Every time it completes the games downloads in the background, the software turns itself off then refuses to restart without a full uninstall reinstall process:mad: . Is anyone else having the same issues and if so, how do I stop it?
It's definitely not a problem at my end as EVERY other casino I have (and there are more than a few) runs perfectly.

now up to 7th uninstall reinstall. 6th was on advice from live chat operator. Uninstalled entire thing, cleared cache files, dowloaded the 95Mb full install. Run it to find. No connect button (tho you can connect if you go in via one of the games). In reality the so called full install has about 2/3 of the games present, doesn't download anything else in the background, is missing all the new games (avalon/twister/isis etc).

I'm starting to think they don't really want people to play there.... or perhaps just me to play there. Tell you something tho. I'm on 10meg connection.... I would have been seriously displeased if I was on a 1meg broadband and downloaded 95Mb just to find out that far from solving the problem it is actually a LOT worse with th full install.

They get one more chance then out comes the money.:mad:

This is a very old version. The problem is caused by the fact it is incompatable with the new version of the lobby/menu. The underlying directory structure is totally different, and no amount of reinstalls will get round the fact that the full install has to update to the new lobby and file structure, whereupon it must download everything from scratch again.
There is a directory in the new lobby called "mupdb".
This contains our old adversary "mupinfo" and it's new evil cousin, a schedule of files. When this is corrupt the casino cannot install correctly. I would suggest a similar fix to the one I posted with the old MG problem last year, the removal of the contents of this directory once the casino shows the new lobby interface (a cog symbol instead of "options" in the buttons next to the credits).
This fixed my Riverbelle which could not launch once updated.
Unfortunately, the old casino repair tool is not compatable with this new version.

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