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Jun 30, 1998
I've been doing soome research on Norton, and so far it looks like most of the companies that provide banner ad rotation software can't do much about it. I thought that I could redo the scripting changing all the files and scripts that include "ad" to "beer" or something to this effect. Nightmarish at the least.

Instead, I'm instructing visitors to shut of Norton Ad Blocker here:

This is a quick fix, but this Norton thing is still a problem. The default setting for their firewall is set to block ads.
there's a couple of options..

apparantly there's some software that will help (
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) - but i haven't tried it

Link cloaking should still work. Thats usually quite easy to set up either through creating database links that cloak the URL - or redirects through the server. there are some commercial scripts that do this

Another option is to set up a javascript code that identifies if the user has norton ad blocker - instead of the ad, write a message that asks the user to switch off Norton Ad Blocker

I guess i need a disclaimer here!! - i'm not sure if any of it actually works..
Nortons really sucks :what: yes sucks!

Id guesstimate that their internet security package has cost a lot of people a lot of money. It not only blocks advertisements its firewall also blocks access to online casino servers in general.

I have no problem with popup blockers that a knowing user has implemented, but when OTC software program defaults trap unknowing users its a loss for every internet marketer.
How I beat Norton

There is a solution to Norton's Ad Blocking. It's called the Site Block Zapper. You can get it at
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I've been using it for a few months now, and it works remarkably well. It can also be configured to find the any links that Norton Security blocks in the future!

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