- butterly stax2 Slot Issue


Nov 20, 2019
I hope that this post is right thread...

I played and this is what happen for me Last wednesday.

I played butterfly stax2, i had money for over 200e i won 3 scatters to qualify for free spins. I chose it where there are 5 free spins. In the final round, the game hanged and the system Booked me out of the their pages. Pages stuck for about 20-30mins. When I was able to log in account my balance was about 660-690e, so game round has ended. i started playing butterfly stax2 game and the balance was then 650e when balance dropped 240e approx. About 400e is gone To the balance.

I have Take contact To casino and they says that they are contacting To netent.
They have Take case To processing saturday morning and answered me few hours later, that theres no broblem whit my round.

I wonder how money can drop over 400e just like that and any where is no data for that..

I dont get screenshot for that, but I know what I see.

Can anyone there help me way or another for this case, or do I have accept that my money is gone and I have nothing To do?

I play my own money, not bonus money or freespins...

I hope that my txt is understanding