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Oct 26, 2005
Hi. I have a quick question about the bonus on iNetBet. Theses are (part of) the conditions:

This offers applies only to your first deposit with iNetBet and your bonus will be credited to your account once the total of all your bets is fifteen times your initial deposit. For example if you deposit $100 and play Tri-Card Poker at $10.00 per hand, you must play at least 150 hands ($1500) before you can redeem your full bonus.
Bonus must be turned over 15 times before cashing out.

Does that last line mean I have to bet 15x the bonus amount, too, or I have to win 15x the bonus in order to cash it out?

I suppose this is a dumb question. Thanks for any help.
Well, I guess that you have to BET 15x your bonus.

WINNING 15x bonus seems far-fetched, but I won't be surprised if "Wagered" turns into "Won" in The T&C's of many Casinos in the future...
Hi everyone,
In answer to your question shakingspear the bonus you are talking about is not a match bonus i.e. it is not added automatically on redemption. The wagering required is as follows:

You need to turnover your deposit 15 times to get the bonus.

Once the bonus is received you need to wager the bonus itself 15 times prior to cashing out.

i.e. if the bonus is $15 you need to wager a further $225 prior to cashing out.

I hope that this clears things up for you.

If at any time players have any queries, then simply email our customer service team on and they will be able to assist.

Best Regards
iNetBet Support
ive just played the free chip and busted out, do the WR carry on if i redeposit ?

also how do i checked how much i have played and/or my gameplay history ?
iNetBet Promos said:
Scrollock, as I said previously, please send any queries to:

These can then be answered by the support team.
iNetBet Promos

i am bit of an RTG novice, so i have few questions, too many to be corresponding by email, so without telephone support/live chat i think i will give it a skip.

thanks for the free chip, however ive seen that i need to send in a verification form by fax, i dont have easy access to a machine, so unfortunatley i wont be be able to deposit in the near future.

BTW, according to the "small print" on this page

Old / Expired Link

a lot of the offers expired a few days ago
i plzy there a lot

hello i play at i net bet alot with bonuses most of time i have busted a lot of times but as i can see wagering requirementsdoesnt carry over just becareful not to play excluded games you might not get paid

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