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Dormant account
Nov 18, 2006
Melbourne, Australia
I am a non-US customer and I requested a memberwire bank draft back to my Australian bank account on Jan. 13. This was deducted from my Neteller account on Jan. 16 but I have not received any funds to date. I have called up Neteller on various occasions but they have been unable to give me any information except that the memberwire had "gone through" and it had been converted to AUD. Any impression on when, if ever, I will get my money?
I send bank wires (via ANZ) to Neteller from Melbourne Australia and they take anything from 5 min to arrive at the destination up to a few hours.

11 working days so far and you've not received the wire, I think someone is wrong. It could be due to the USA market. Even though your not affected by it directly.

Sure you requested a wire & not a check?

On the chance they are sending a check not a wire, this may take up to a month to arrive. Then another 21 working days for your bank to clear the funds.

If Neteller is your primary deposit method, get yourself a Neteller ATM card. You can transfer your cash to the card (takes upto 1 hour) and then go to any ATM in Australia and withdraw your cash.

No Funds Received

When I called today, they said that my money had been converted into "AUD". Something has gone wrong between converting the money and getting it sent to me. Last time I requested a memberwire I got the money in two business days after it was deducted from my account.

It is definitely a bank wire, not a cheque. The processing fee deducted from my account is correct.

With NETeller having one foot in the grave, I'm worried if I'm ever going to get the money at all......
When I called today, they said that my money had been converted into "AUD". Something has gone wrong between converting the money and getting it sent to me.

Someone over at NT is either telling you porky pies or have no idea what they're talking.

EG - When I send a bank wire from Australia, it's sent in AUD currency & it converted into the currency of the receiving bank.

When NT send a wire, it's the same process but reversed.

I'm not sure if they (Neteller) send wires via Canada or the Isle of Man. Which ever way it is, the banks involved will send in their currency. The central clearing house in Australia will simply convert it to AUD and then forward these funds to your bank account.

As far as generic customer support at NT I've found them (in most cases) to be pretty useless with matters like this. I'd leave it till Monday and contact NT during their business hours.
Same thing is happening to me and I am in UK. Have a bank wire which came out neteller on the 4th and still isn't in. Normally it goes in a couple of days after showing up as an adjustment on the neteller account.
Again I am wondering just how long this is going to take or if I will even get the money at all. I'm staying WELL clear of neteller at the moment.
I had a check not coming in.
I sent an email or two, and the chekc was cancelled, and adjustment made within 2-3 days.

I guess that verifying a wire not getting throught, is kind of a procedure, while cancelling a check is much easier.

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