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Jan 20, 2004
Saltirelandia (Malta license): The player's balance of €3000+ was confiscated without warning. When the player complained the casino people said the confiscated funds "will be paid out manually", apparently meaning they'd simply deposit to the player's account _without_ reinstating the balance first. No money was paid. No balance was restored. No sign of the confiscated funds at all. When the player came to us the casino was "unavailable for comment". (Curacao 1668/JAZ license): Betswagger free-rolled the player for £30,000+ by allowing the player to deposit and play then confiscated all winnings when the player requested a withdrawal citing "restricted country" as their excuse. At the very least the casino should have returned the deposits but instead they totally ignored the complaint. (Curacao 1668/JAZ license): player had accumulated winnings of €19,000+ but the casino confiscated it all when they requested a withdrawal. The casino claimed that the player had exceeded the Max Bet limits on a bonus but player claimed that no bonus was in play at the time. Casino simply refused to respond to the player's issue. (Curacao ???, unverified license): Player went through multiple rounds of document submissions, phone call verifications and so forth before the casino simply locked them out without explanation and confiscated their balance. When the player complained the casino ignored it; when the player came to us and we approached the casino they ignored that too. (Malta license): Player lost €25,000+ at the casino over the course of a few months even though a prior SOW check at a sister casino had flagged the player up as a problem gambler. Apparently Refuel never questioned the player's deposits nor did they respond to the player's complaint, they simply ignored it all.

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