GENERAL WARNING Non-responsive casinos - 21Dukes, AllReels, PlayPCF, SlottyVegas, SpinCasino


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Jan 20, 2004
Something a bit different in this one, a group of casinos that may not have demonstrated outright rogue behaviour but have certainly been guilty of ignoring player complaints. Any one of these would have been "promoted" to having their own dedicated Warning if there had been a larger volume of cases against them. - in response to a disconnect between bonus Terms and their implementation where a player's balance of £1250 was confiscated the casino had nothing to say: no response to the player's complaint and no explanation to the player.​ - player tried to withdraw 2800€ but it was confiscated, casino claimed the player had self-excluded at a sister casino, Player had played at DozenSpins but had asked for their account to be closed, nothing more. The DozenSpins account remained open and accessible throughout. Both casinos ignored the players complaint.​ - Casino claimed winnings were confiscated due to bonus Terms violation. Player had evidence that the Terms were changed after the date of deposit and play. No response from the casino in spite of several attempts to discuss the issue.​ - the complaint concerned a gentleman whose wife was suffering from serious mental health issues -- and had the documentation to prove it -- but had accessed his casino account and deposited using her own bank card. The gentleman wanted to reclaim her deposits but the casino ignored it all, no response to the player or us when we tried to bring the case to their attention.​ - player had documentation of serious software problems with the casino's Blackjack wherein the player lost a 1000€ deposit while the game remained totally unresponsive to her and could neither be closed nor re-opened. No response from the casino.​
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