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Dec 13, 2014
Glasgow and Home - N Ireland
Well that was very piss poor.

Wagering amount £3700

Wagering remaining £2319.10

Wagered £1380.90

Was only playing low volatile slots. Was hoping to have some sort of cash out with only 10x wagering.

I know i won the unlucky losers comp with 61% rtp.

Am i right in thinking My rtp is under 40% with the figures above

I was the same - wagered about 1300 with the 250: it was awful. Started off ok, some 50x-100x wins but then boom...down. Don't think i got above 280 mind you.

Alternated between slots as well - sometimes i wonder if it's just best to try and beat the one game into submission.

Tried a mix of LV and HV games but no luck.

I don't think i could have hit anything even if the hoppers were full.


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Jun 5, 2015
Near Newcastle
Luckily I managed to complete play through and made a cash out mostly playing No limit City slots. I will not give away how much I won because that will be the question I will be asking for a competition in the remarkable thread.
Thank you once again Jan and No limit City for the very generous comp. I really enjoyed playing it through last night :)
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