NoiQPoker will be fenced from the iPoker network from 29th of November - 6th of Decem


Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
This was sent out to all Noiq affiliates today. Maestro Poker was kicked off iPoker last week for some of the same issues.

Dear Affiliate,
NoiQPoker will be fenced from the iPoker network from 29th of November - 6th of December this does Not included MTT and Sit n Gos.

This means non of our players will be able to play cash games against other iPoker skins but cash games between NoiQ players will still be possible.

So NoiQ players will only be able to play against other NoiQ players for 7 days.

The reason for this is as follows:

Some affiliates have advertised NoiQ's VIP system that's not allowed after the latest policy from iPoker.

Some sites that contain the name RAKE in it have advertised NoiQPoker. This is not allowed after the latest policy from iPoker.

NoiQ have failed to remove our name from all rake domains. We have done our best but it's hard to find them all.

We have also done our best to let our affiliates know about iPoker policy but still some affiliates mention the VIP system.

What will happen:

No races, bonuses, payouts, deposit or so on will be affected by this.

Players will still have their deals and chance to win cash from our Race.

NoiQ will on the other hand be more strict against affiliates and send our more e-mails to our affiliates so everyone understand our rules.

We are extremely sorry that this effect your players.

We have searched the net to find a site that mention NoiQ in a way that don't follow the iPoker guidelines and it's almost impossible to find one. A problem is that some affiliates have sub affiliates with the name and these domains are extremely hard to find for us so please in the future be more careful about where your sub affiliates will advertise NoiQPoker.

It's hard for us as it might be for many of you since we are doing our very best to follow all the rules something we really feel we are doing.

NoiQ will run a $50.000 race for 7 days! and run extra freerolls to compensate this.

After the 6th of December everything will be back to normal.

Please contact me if you have further questions.

Best regards,

Nils Erik
Affiliate Manager


RIP Brian
Feb 22, 2001
Thanks, PA - this looks to me like a departure from the draconian "kick their ass off the network" approach taken with Maestro, which makes it more interesting.

Perhaps Playtech have instituted a sort of "penance" system to get licensees and affiliates to fly right rather than losing them completely?


Keep winning this amount.
Mar 10, 2005
Pennsylvania looks as if whomever wrote that doesn't have much of an IQ...

And if they were really interested in staying, they could have at least hired someone that knew what they were doing in finding every site that advertised them....

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