Noiq Casino VS donnawild

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Jun 30, 1998
Okay - just a final word. No one said anything about donnawild's boyfriend having an account at noIQ. This is the scenerio:

a) Donnawild PABs against noIQ
b) NoIQ replies explaining in detail why they locked her account: colluding players
c) NoIQ refunds her deposits
d) we confirm this with Donnawild and close the PAB
e) she starts this thread to warn players claiming that no one is using her computer.
f) back peddles when I state there are at least two accounts accessed from her computer in this forum.

I didn't ban Donnawild because I am giving her the benefit of the doubt when she claims her boyfriend has an account here. But like I pointed out earlier: it's an odd situation when a player denies she is colluding with others in a casino, yet in a separate incident has more than one account accessed here from home.

That's all I have to say about this. Thread upgraded to closed.
Not open for further replies.