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Here is the Nobonus Casino Review. And a score of 8.0. :cheerleader::cheerleader::cheerleader:

We could use some Meister Minion data to pinpoint the cash out times. :D

All in all, not a bad score, and not a bad casino. Congrats NBC!! :thumbsup:


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I love the idea of 10% daily cashback but surely there must be restrictions on it otherwise players could easily generate a positive net return. If so they should be published in the T&Cs.

I have signed up but my account was created in Euros so was put off depositing.


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Managed to play some with a 30Euro deposit and make a withdrawal. :thumbsup:

Ive sent in the papers for verification, now just waiting to see how long it all takes. :cool:


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Thanks to the Meister!

@Spurs - Sorry but No Bonus Casino is only in Euro. We are to develop multi currency but not sure if we implement that on No Bonus.
There are in fact no restriction. Your gameplay will be reviewed prior before the cashback is given. If we spot strategic/abusive gameplay towards to cashback you will receive a notification. If gameplay does not change (we will be specific in the communication about your individual case) the cashback deal shall be cancelled.

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Love the idea 10% of losses back with no bonuses.

Shame the layout and feel is the same as the other 1000's of casinos out there, 24 hour withdrawals put me off and looks a little cheap. Good range of slots but again nothing really different from anyone else.

Oddly if not logged in could not easily find a way to contact support to ask questions.

It's a No No from me. But good luck.