noblecasino do not pay , look the new excuse inside


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Aug 16, 2011
Mexico city
i have received from noblecasino , playtech confirmation on my docs
here "and that while depositing , pre verification process

Thank you for contacting Customer Service!
Congratulations on joining our Casino!

Your effort in sending the requested documents is appreciated. I am glad
to inform you that the copies of your ID and Proof of Address were
successfully received, approved and stored in a safe location.

Furthermore, your account was updated accordingly.

Please, note that sending these documents is a one-time thing and you
will not have to send them again. Also, this will be very helpful in
processing any future withdrawals of yours."

but later i got another email here

"In regards to your query, please note that after the e-mail message that
you are referring to from 2011-08-14 18:54:45, our Management has double
checked your account and they have decided that the ID , which you have
provided us with was not sufficient."
S o its the first time , original response i get from a casino .
please allow me to add 96 precents of casinos , reputable , accept the
same document ,

Does any one think its right ?

thank u for reading , would like your comments, players and affiliate
I lost money there , i ask other players not to deposit there ,

please stick to the good casinos
thank you
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Dec 28, 2010
Hello you :)

You have started 3 threads in the last few weeks. One was about a casino that did not pay you because you violated their T&C. Another thread was about some document problems at Casino Plex. And now you have new doc/payment problems.

I am not saying that you don`t have a case (I don`t know it good enough), but c`mon dude, how much trouble is it possible to get into in such a short time;)

My advise is that you should play at accredited casinos. And you probably need to get your docs/ID verifed before you starts to play. Looks like you have recurring problems regarding your ID/documents. And read T&C. OK.


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Jan 20, 2004
@raul1: you should contact the casino rep, Chris_m. You should also read the Forum Rules regarding posting complaints:

2.2 - Do not post a complaint without notifying the appropriate casino representative by either PM or email. The casino representatives are listed here.