No wonder they started women's lib!


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Me neither. If he comes home whenever he feels like he better be prepared to live in the street or go back to where he was staying at. Because his bags will be packed neatly in suitcases.


RIP Lisa


RIP Lisa
My Sheep awaits. :D
Baaahhhhhhh!!! Baaahhhhhhh!!!! :laugh:

Don't complain if he's late home for dinner, or even if he stays out all night.
No complaints....I'd just remind him of one little word. BOBBIT!! :p

GGW Laurie

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" Be A Little GAY And More Interesting For Him, His Boring Day May Need A Lift And One Of Your Duties Is To Provide It "

Every Mans Secret Dream :lolup::lolup: " The Barefoot And Pregnant And In The Kitchen" been there and done that......................NO REPEATS!!!!!!!