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Jan 29, 2002
"Today marks our real money launch on PKR. While we're very proud of the game we're delivering to our players and excited about giving them the opportunity to play for real money, we're also disappointed to announce that, we can't offer real money play to our US based players at this time."

Too bad. Guess they are gonna wait to see what Senate does.
I saw this thread and thought I'd try to explain our point of view and make it clear that were as upset as you are and we tried hard to find a way around it. Temporarily losing a large % of our audience (and upsetting them) is not a decision we wanted to make or one taken lightly but I'll try to explain why we had to:

We have US investors and US investors have pulled out of every single publicly traded poker company already on the 17th July to be precise.
It would be crazy for us to have thousands of US players for a couple of months and then have to return all your funds to you.
We are all hoping that this is only in the short term. October is important because the Senate session runs from 4th September to 6th October.

As far as freerolls go, if you win money in free rolls we will pay you. The difference between depositing and winning free rolls is that you (the customer) have not wagered anything. Were not letting US players use their freeroll winnings in cash games because that might be considered gambling under the proposed legislation (even if you never deposited on our site). This is something were going to be reviewing. The reason we are continuing running freerolls at US friendly times is that we are still hoping that you will be able to join us in the coming months

Lets hope the Senate will see sense.....

Andy (PKR)
Will there be a minimum withdraw for US players, or will we be able to cash out any amount?

ie: Will we have to leave smaller amounts of money there until a minimum amount is reached?
No you can take out your money at any stage.
If you have accumulated more than $20 then there is a minimum of $20 that you can withdraw. If you have less than $20 you can withdraw but you must withdraw your whole balance.

Alternatively you can keep your money in PKR and continue to build up your bankroll in the freerolls and hopefully play with that money when the Senate comes to its senses in the coming weeks....

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