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Jan 9, 2007
Central Europe

I played at GrandPrive casinos. In first of them, my withdrawal request for 100USD hasnt been proceeded during about two weeks. The support team hasnt responsed to my e-mails..

In the second GrandPrive casino, my account was closed after making a deposit and i doont see why.
I'd be more than happy to see if I can get you an answer, if you'd like to PM me your account numbers. The offer is there.

Also, the poster above made a good suggestion, definitely worth a phone call.
I also wondered if it had anything to do with the OP setting up his account in USD currency. Doesn't GP have a rule about that?

I also wondered if it had anything to do with the OP setting up his account in USD currency. Doesn't GP have a rule about that?

Possible, Grand Prive are fond of this particular "stunt". It is damning that they allowed the player to make the mistake again due to refusing to answer any correspondence about the first withdrawal. If they had replied, they could have pointed out any problems.
The terms stipulate that players must register with their own currency IF AVAILABLE, and the US Dollar if not. If this player's currency was not offered, the player would have a case to take to eCogra, if their own currency IS available, the best they could hope for is return of deposits, but they could tell eCogra that the total lack of a reply lead them to make the mistake again the second time.
I was under the impression that Grand Prive had seen the error of their ways since getting the eCogra seal, losing the US players, and letting the British in to the full deal. I hope I was not premature with my 100 deposit! Their CS encouraged me to download the other four, but I told them they were still "on probation" until I was able to receive my first withdrawal from Grand Bay (normally, I would not be this cautious with an eCogra sealholder, but Grand Prive have less than satisfactory past form).
I've fielded a ton of complaints about Grand Bay which is their poker room. Most of it was excessively slow cashouts and not paying bonuses. Many players reported that nobody ever answered the phone when they called.
Skeeve, I've PM'd you their reply and you should be receiving an email from management as well. :)
Hi there,

I am having a bit of trouble with GrandPrive (namely BellaVegas) myself right now.
I am 21 years old. I opened an account with BellaVegas December 18th and upon registering deposited 100 EUR. When I wanted to login later that day my account was closed. I immediately contacted support asking them for the reason, which was that they suspected underage play (below 21).
Since then I have supplied them three times with the usual verification scans (ID, letter of health insurance) to prove my age and at the same time also asking them to refund my deposit in case they were not satisfied (for whatever reason). Every time there was a reply stating they would forward these documents to the proper department. So far, nothing happend.

I have also called them twice and asked what was going on. They could not once find my documents and every time asked me to send them again. Two weeks ago I kindly asked them one last time but also told them I would try to take other ways (like right now or contacting eCOGRA). It is a bit of a problem that noone ever seems to be the right person to talk to as well, they seem to have one big call center for all of their casinos.

By now I do not really care for playing at BellaVegas anymore, I would just like my money back.

I have contacted eCOGRA on Friday and hope to hear from them soon. Since I saw this thread being a recent one I wanted to tell my tale, hopefully this isn't too much pressure at one. ;)

What doesn't help me by the way is that my hard drive crashed last week and I lost all of that communication. However this of course doesn't affect the core matter at hand: If a casino detects an (alleged!) underaged player they have every right to close his account, but of course have to refund his deposits.

Thanks for listening, ;)

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They do have the right, but we have the right to have our personal information dealt with in a secure manner. I have seen numerous posts where part of the problem has been the casino losing the documents, well, they are not "LOST", they are mislaid, and if the casino cannot find them, how can they (or we) be sure that they have not fallen into the wrong hands.
Too many lost documents, eCogra need to get on top of this issue, as we are seeing the damage that can be done when information gets into the hands of criminals all the time.
Pity about the drive crash though, as the correspondence should show that documents were sent, followed by further requests to send them again because the correct person of department had never got them.

I actually don't know if it is coincidence (which I presume ;)), if eCOGRA kicked in, if someone actually read this thread or intervened, but last night shortly after writing my above post I received an email saying they had approved of my documentation and I just needed to contact their customer service via phone to unlock my account.
I did so this morning and now have access to my account (and already initiated the withdrawal).

Great coincidence, but of course good for me. I have no further business with BellaVegas, however I hope that they pull their act together as in general they seem to be a reputable group.



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