NO Payment from Materspin


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Jun 9, 2005
NO Payment from Masterspin


I have some problems with masterspincasino. I played and got lucky. I made a cashout of 1900 and left the 100 in playbonus in my account the 24-05-2005.I have 100 % fulfilled the T&C for the bonus! I then scanned and mailed them all the information the need to do the cashout! A week later I wrote them because I had not recieved my money. They told my that security
department is working on their investigation and that the would email me in a few weekes!! Can they do that?? What do I do now??
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Never heard of this one before!
Looks quite big - so probably will pay in the end.
Not sure if this is Playtech powered? If so, many people say first cashout can take a month. :eek:

They have live online support according to their homepage - why not try that?
As far as I know masterspin is its own software and a real live webcam casino.

I don't really know anything about payments from there - just that I haven't heard any complaints.
This is from Casinomeister News two years back....

18 July 2003

Amsterdam based? That could be a problem

We reported on the new "live gambling over the internet" site in an earlier bulletin, and this week we can build on that information following email exchanges with one "Ori" of "Masterspin Management"

We're not sure where Ori is normally based because his emails originated from Israel, as do those from the casino itself. When asked about that he said that management was in Amsterdam and he was only in Israel "...visiting a sick mother"

Yeah, right. Well, we played along and asked him whether Amsterdam was not a bad choice, bearing in mind that Masterspin allegedly broadcasts from real Eastern European casinos and the Dutch have been prosecuting foreign attempts to access Dutch players?

That seemed to silence Ori. We haven't heard a thing since and that makes us suspicious. He also has not answered our question on how Masterspin technology evades the i2corps-HGN patent (Dr. Ho settled with them last year)

This is what he told us about Masterspin before going into silent mode:

1. They are not broadcasting from a 'casino-studio' as other similar operations have been doing to date, but direct from a section of the Kempinsky and Maxim land casinos in Romania and Bulgaria.

2. They have experienced site problems, apologising for the standard and assuring us that they will be launching a new site next month that will be an improvement

3. There are ambitious plans to expand the concept to broadcast from several other unidentified casinos by the end of the year, including outfits in the Far East , Western Europe and from the Caribbean Islands.

4. They claim, but are coy about giving detail, to be "totally regulated and we are also closely controlled by the local Gaming councils in each country of our Land-Based Casino's."

5. The software is totally proprietary, self developed and patented, they claim. But they have not disclosed their ownership or under which company the patents are held or in which country.

6. They claim to have strong contacts "...with several leading Land-Based Casino Chains" and to be in serious negotiations for JV's with others. None identified.

7. Roulette is the only available game for the moment, but early next year more games will be introduced - they say they want to work with clients, customers and players in order to understand which kind of additional services they want.

8. They do not have any conventional online casinos in their group. - LIVE is their sole focus.
I played there - maybe a year ago or so? Not sure exactly how long ago.

They were "broadcasting" from a real casino and there were real people making real bets and I was betting alongside them. Roulette.

I had a good experience, other than losing my money that is. I am just not a big roulette fan, otherwise I would likely have gone back.

I understand they have been continuing to improve the software.

I have no idea either who is behind them, but didn't see any immediate problems and havent heard anything about payments. For a while when webcam casinos were all new I listed them as such, but removed them long ago because there seemed to be no interest in a roulette only casino.

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