No KYC - is that ok with Curaçao licence ?


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Jun 10, 2021

I have an issue for months with a scamming casino, I took a lawyer.

I have a question after reading some comments...

I never did the KYC check... they didn't asked me for that, and let me deposit more than 50k... Is that legal ?

Is it something the curaçao can do about that ? (Cause Antillephone really don't care at all about me and my case).


Want more information on Curacao master license 8048/JAZ? Check this out.
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The thing about the properties licensed in Curacao is that there is a pretty mixed bag of casinos. A good many of them are above board and perform their due diligence on their players, yet some maybe not so much. So there are caveats for these casinos, you need to proceed with caution at times and be smart about it.

Is it legal? Well - it's where the servers are located. That is where the rules and legality are established - not necessarily where you are. I am sure your lawyer is aware of this. Whether or not those licensed casinos are mandated to do KYCs, (I would believe they are) that is something that is covered in the Master License - in your case Antillephone 8048/JAZ.
I've worked hard on my case, and really want them to pay as they've done pretty much horrible things to me (text and email everyday to get me play when I've told them I was desperate about the loss), multiple non respect of my demand of exclusion and to close my account.
And those scammers don't pay wins, and are living a great life in Malta with an other licence....
While I'm suicidal, desperate, and lost my appartment.
I can send you my lawyer letter and what I've found, maybe one day it can help someone.
Hello, Max Drayman here, I manage the free player complaints service here at Perhaps you could tell us -- or tell me privately via Private Message to @maxd -- which casino we're talking about. We have a good working relationship (for complaints) with many Curacao 8048/JAZ casinos and might be able to assist.

Max Drayman
Player Arbitration (PAB) Manager,
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Just to update, my understanding is that the OP has found an ADR which they're interested in using for help with their case. We wish them the best of luck with this.

- Max

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