No cost BJ tourney on Global Player - REALLY!!


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Mar 15, 2005
If you are a tournament BJ player, you probably already know about the two events coming up later this month. But I bet there are many of you who just play BJ (not the tournament version) to who the idea of a no-risk introduction might be appealing.

Global Players is giving 125 players with real accounts the opportunity to compete for $1100 in prizes. You have to have a real account but no gambling history (points, account baalance etc.) and there is NO entry fee. If you want to put up $40 you can play in a second tournament for $6000 in prizes.

I enjoy this site more than any other because of their low-cost tournaments so I just wanted to share the opportunity with the rest of you.

If you have not played tournament BJ before, be warned that the difference between it and regular BJ is like the difference between rubber and duplicate bridge. You are playing against 4-6 other players as well as the dealer and you must lead the pack to win.

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