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Aug 15, 2007
London, UK
Hi folks,

Just letting you know that we are doing a promo with an English newspaper, The Daily Sport (I'm sure a few of you folks have heard of them, ahem) for the poker and all you meister lads and lasses are cordally invited.

A copy of today's advert is attached - any views / comments, will be welcome.

Every night for the next few weeks we have no conditions entry to a nightly freeroll at 7pm UK time - Mon -Fri 100, Sat - Sun 250. registration entry is now open.

I hope this is not regarded as spam by CM, i just thought seeing as we are doing this promo, you folks might like to take some of the benefits??

Poker site is

Best regards,

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There doesn't seem to be a high uptake for these freerolls, yet the prize money is quite generous for a freeroll.

With no qualifying criteria it seems a little to good to be true and usually when this is the case it results in problems of getting paid if/when you should win.

I can't find much about this site in google so i'm just wondering if those who are winning the freerolls are getting paid? :)
Hi Matthew,

All winners have been paid. is the sister poker site of Malta LGA regulated using Boss software. There are no withdrawal complaints I can think of.

We have just started marketing campaign, so the freerolls are indeed generous.

I hope you enjoy the poker chat, its something we are trying to make more fun compared to the major poker sites out there.

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to PM me.

Best regards,

Hmmm....seems you have to have some raked hands to enter the freerolls.

Unless im missing something....

Hi cslate

There are other freerolls listed there that do require you to have earned a number of points, however, the freerolls dazlazz mentions are completely free. Look out for the freeroll in the lobby at around 5pm.

Tdoggy, I think I read that they don't allow US players.
Hi folks,

to cslate - there are no hand requirements for the freerolls which appear in the multi tourny lobby as AWH - there are numerous Boss Media network freerolls which have different entry requirements.

to Tdoggy - yup, no Americans I'm afraid at the moment.

to Matthew - cheers!!

Best regards,

I hope this is not regarded as spam by CM, i just thought seeing as we are doing this promo, you folks might like to take some of the benefits??

Well yes, it is. A thread that began as an inquiring to "what is a free roll" has been derailed into an ad. Not cool.

How many URLs do you need to post for your site? :cool:

C'mon, please use discretion when posting ads - or else I'll have every webmaster posting URLs and banners for his/her free roll site.

The thread was intended to gain information - please don't use it as an opportunity to direct traffic to your websites. Thank you.
hi dazlazz

Managed to win €50 In one of the freerolls. I then played at some of the low limit tables and managed to get this up to €100 :)

I keep trying to access "" to read the T&C's, but the website seems to be down :eek:

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